After drawing criticism from U.S. Senator John McCain, the campaign of Hillary Clinton could only manage to make excuses over nuclear tests in North Korea.

Senator Clinton had a spokesman lob a political grenade at President George W. Bush.

"History is clear that nothing the Bush administration has done has stopped the North Koreans. ... President Bush has been in charge of North Korea policy for six years, and two days ago we saw the brazen result."

Senator Clinton's campaign was reacting to observations by McCain on the "failure" of the Clinton administration to address North Korean's nuclear ambitions.

McCain was critical of Clinton's scapegoating, expressing that he found it hard to understand why she would be attacked at a time when President Bush is going to the United Nations to seek sanctions against the North Koreans.

"Incredibly, as the president is trying to unite the nation and the world to impose sanctions against the rogue state of North Korea, the Democrats and Mrs. Clinton attacked the president of the United States and accused him of being responsible, when the fact is that it is a failure of the Clinton administration policies that I was heavily involved in at the time that have caused us to be in the situation we're in today."