Human Events has reported Senator Clinton finding a way to tap millions of d ollars from terrorists and Communist dictators for use in her impending 2008 presidential bid:

Speaking fees for her globe-trotting internationalist husband.

According to a new book by Human Events editor and Capitol Hill correspondent. Amanda Carpenter, the foreign money is being lined up by husband Bill for her 2008 White House run.

Entitled "Dossier On Hillary Clinton" -- Carpenter's book starts in chapter one detailing how the Clinton couple has circumvented campaign finance law.

"Money earned by a candidate's spouse does not have to be reported to the FEC, even though most married couples -- including the Clintons -- intertwine their finances.  Thus prohibitted entities such as foreign citizens or foreign governments can legally contribute to Mrs. Clinton's campaigns through donations to her husband.  This could take the form, for example, of paying Mr. Clinton a large sum in exchange for a speaking engagement."

...And former President Bill Clinton has managed to do a lot of speaking, around the world, including lobbying that has left him entangled with foreign matters that would -- under many circumstances -- constitute measurable conflicts of interest for a U.S. Senator.

Carpenter's research has uncovered the tip of a massive iceberg.

"Using reports from Sen. Clinton’s own Capitol Hill office, I learned about some of the unscrupulous places Bill Clinton has been taking money, including $200,000 from the JingJi real estate company that is headed by a Communist CEO, $300,000 from a group that opposes a democratic and free Taiwan and $475,000 from Saudi financial services and real estate conglomerate."

The Spencer Blog reported two weeks ago on the activities overseas by Glover Park, the Clinton "White House In Exile" lobbying for the emir of Dubai, and how Hillary Clinton's regular flip-flops on national security votes demonstrate this liberal Democrat's left-wing bias on foreign affairs.