New York magazine reported last week that U.S. Senator Clinton will begin fundraising for swing-state Democrats in October.

Only 40 percent of New Yorkers approve of her job as U.S. Senator, according to a new CBS/New York Times poll that also found only 50 percent of the state want her to run for U.S. President.

42 pecent of likely voters oppose Senator Clinton's re-election --and her post-primary bump only leaves New York's junior U.S.Senator at 58 percent.

The same poll showing 14-21 percent undecided for statewide races.

The Associated Press reported on Hillary Clinton rallying Maryland Democrats, shown above at a fundraiser late last week.

"Clinton is part of what state Democratic party chairman Terry Lierman called a parade

of potential Democratic presidential candidates coming to Maryland."

Clinton's presidential travels aren't limited to just Maryland.

The Daily Press in Virginia reported that Senator Clinton will be fundraising for James Webb in Virginia, the Democrat challenging Republican U.S. Senator George Allen.

In one of a series of fundraisers in states in which the Democratic Party sees opportunities for gains in the Senate - and in which Clinton can gain wider national exposure - she will appear Tuesday at a fundraiser for Virginia challenger Jim Webb in Alexandria.

200,000 jobs short of what she promised six years ago when she first faced the voters, Hillary Clinton obviously cares more about running for the White House than serving New Yorkers as a U.S. Senator.