The American Polish Council of New York State, Inc., (APC/NYS) endorsed Republican and Conservative nominee John Spencer for U.S. Senator this week.

The APC/NYS consists of Polish American representatives from the Western, Central, Eastern and Downstate sections of New York State.  The organization notes that, according to statistics from the year 2000 U.S. Census, more Polish Americans now reside in New York State than any other state in the nation, surpassing the status formerly enjoyed by Illinois.

As such, Polish American leaders from across New York have joined together in the APC/NYS in their erstwhile efforts to identify, promote and preserve the social, political and economic interests and aspirations of New York State Polonians.

The APC/NYS endorsement of Spencer took place in the Polish and Slavic Center at Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, September 30, 2006.  The former Yonkers Mayor was endorsed following a thorough review of the position papers, credentials, public service records, and resumes submitted by each declared candidate together with the personally delivered remarks of the Republican-Conservative candidate.

"After lively discussion, careful consideration and upon due deliberation, the APC/NYS determined that JOHN SPENCER is the best U.S. Senate candidate who will fully and fairly represent the interests and needs of New Yorkers, be they Polish Americans and those of our ethnic compatriots alike," said the American Polish Council, "The APC/NYS, in endorsing John Spencer for U.S. Senate, concluded that Mr. Callaghan has the experience, leadership, knowledge and sensitivity to serve as the New York State Senator in the U.S. Senate."

In endorsing John Spencer for U.S. Senator, the APC/NYS has urged all Polish Americans and like-minded ethnic New Yorkers to support JOHN SPENCER throughout the election campaign, to register and to vote for him on November 7th.

The American Polish Council of New York State

Council Members

Richard A. Wojtowicz

Jack Bakowski
Slawek Gorecki
Gregory Karpinski
Bozena Kajewski-Pielarz

Joseph Augustine, Esq., Buffalo

East Amherst
Zibi Garczynski
Ronald Plewniak
Brian Rusk

CheektowagaBernadine Szymanski

Clifton ParkJanina Kowalik

April Kennedy

Waldemar J. Pawlowski
Irene B. Pawlowski
Richard B. Solecki

GuiderlandAlicja Andrejuk

Raymond J. Dziedzic, JD

Huntington StationMartin Mieloszyk

Laurel Hollow
Marek Tomaszewski Esq.

North TonawandaHenry Wojtaszek, Esq.

Orchard ParkJames Domagalski

Bernice Gilbride

Staten Island
Alexandra Borowczak
Ewa Kozlowski
Piotr B. Kozlowski MD
Krystyna Myssura
Jerzy Myssura
Jakub Popadiuk

Joseph Macielag

Zdzislaw Karas

Theresa Bunk