"As someone who came under enemy fire in Vietnam, you know

I would always support funds to protect our armed forces."




John Spencer this week called on Senator Hillary Clinton to explain her vote on July 17, 2003 to redirect Department of Defense appropriations to programs to fight disease in Africa. A portion of the funds had been earmarked to improve armor protection on military vehicles.


Spencer challenged Clinton while touring the Hicksville, NY, facility of American Defense Systems (ADS). ADS upgrades the armor protection on military vehicles destined to be transported to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The former Yonkers Mayor noted that the motto at this Long Island plant has been we protect and serve those who defend, serve and protect us" and Spencer observed, "Those words well describe the armor systems that protect American soldiers in the War on Terror."

"Those who work here are doing their part to insure that our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan return home," said Spencer. "One then has to question why Senator Hillary Clinton is not doing hers."

On July 17, 2003, Senator Clinton joined 23 other liberal Senators in an attempt to cut over $ 1billion from the Department of Defense budget. A portion of these funds were earmarked to pay for the type of work ADS does.  It was earmarked to protect American men and women who serve to protect us.

"Senator Clinton needs to explain why she joined a cornucopia of liberals; including the likes of Senators Kennedy, Boxer, Leahy and Feingold, who voted to cut the funds and in turn cut the protective armor that surrounds our soldiers," said Spencer. "As someone who came under enemy fire in Vietnam, you know I would always support funds to protect our armed forces.”

 For more information on the legislation please see roll call 288 – 2003 (Senate amendment 1283 to HR 2658).