View Article  Hillary Turns Her Back On Queens -- Keeps Con Ed Donations

Senator Clinton has accepted $31,500 from Con-Ed employees, according to the Center For Responsive Politics. 

She has also taken $4,072 dollars in PAC money directly from Con-Ed.

She should give it back!!!
Included among those donations, as reported this morning by The New York Daily News, is a $1,000 donation from Con-Ed executive Kevin Burke.
View Article  Clinton Priorities: White House Run Trumps Queens Blackout
Where was she last Monday and Tuesday?
Senator Clinton 
was in Denver.
She was lobbying the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) for 2008.
Hillary was too busy outlining her political agenda to notice the lights going out in Queens.

"Does the federal government issue disaster aid for incompetence?" complained Popik. "What we have here is Con Ed incompetence, completely unchecked by our great political system (including Senator Clinton herself)."

Officials in New York City Hall are seeking increased aid for small businesses and food stamp reimbursements for low-income residents whose perishables spoiled.

Instead, Clinton proposed a Con-Ed subsidy.
She sounds too chummy with Con-Ed to us.
View Article  The Ithaca Journal: Spencer Stays Focused
A pro-life, anti-gay marriage candidate who supports the war in Iraq and Israel's recent attacks on Lebanon, Spencer said the nation needs politicians who “have the courage and tenacity to stay focused on the issues and not veer off into the politics of it.”
That approach, he said, would work for everything from energy to health care to social security.

“I don't think New Yorkers have been put to the test since 1994 when Pataki first ran,” Spencer said, referring to what he sees as a lack of Republican candidates who truly differ from Democrats.

“Pataki proved it could be done against a polarizing figure like Cuomo and Hillary Clinton is more polarizing,” he said. “The Republican base has not been lit up since 1994.”

View Article  2008 Plans Distract Clinton From Queens Blackouts
File this one under fair weather friends.
Clinton's photo-ops in Queens demonstrate her penchant for publicity but little else.
She's been in Denver most of the week while much of Queens was left in the dark.
"She criticized Governor Pataki for failing to allow Queens to be declared a federal disaster area, heard the complaints of shopowners, and chatted with passersby."
A photo-op, long after Queens first endured the problems of widespread power outages.
As Queens lost juice, what was New York's junior U.S. Senator doing?
Clinton was occupying her time with the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), outlining her political agenda for 2008 and too busy to notice the lights going out in Queens.  As for criticizing Governor George E. Pataki, Clinton shouldn't be pointing fingers.  She shows up for the photo op in New York City but she let down flooded regions all over New York State earlier this summer.
This is Liberty Street in Sidney, New York.
Right near the confluence of the Unadilla and Susquehanna Rivers, this street is only minutes away where two truck drivers died when floodwaters took away an entire portion of the interstate.
She has done nothing to address the devastated Southern Tier or surrounding counties, areas still ravaged from flooding that have left thousands homeless in places like Sidney, Binghamton, Bainbridge, Unadilla and communities along the Susqehanna River. 
Downstate media missed this story as much of Broome, Chenango and Otsego Counties were underwater -- including washed out bridges and roadways all over New York State.
If you want a sense of the devastation and damage to people's lives, please take a close look at The Oneonta Daily Star's coverage of The Flood of 2006.
Finally, failures to provide adequate power to the five boroughs has been overtly-politicized by the Democrats in New York City.  Failure to site power plants has been a political football ignored by Democrats -- and it's a federal issue too.  Senator Clinton shouldn't be blaming George Pataki.  To lend comfort to her liberal friends (who would rather spend our tax dollars on some pork-ridden scheme or entitlement), she has filibustered and voted against improving transmission lines since 2001.  Such legislation finally passed last year, after shameful delays by Clinton and her cohorts.
If she was a leader, she wouldn't have wasted the day in Denver pitching herself to the DLC for 2008.  She would have been in Queens much earlier.
Clinton's interests aren't at home.  She's talking disasters and terrorism, except she isn't doing anything about it.  Instead, she's busy blaming Bush and not focusing on local interests.
As The Spencer Blog pointed out earlier, Spencer was driving between Syracuse and Binghamton when the flooding shutdown much of Central New York State and the Southern Tier.
"I was Upstate during the flooding.  I witnessed the devastation around Binghamton firsthand on the worst day and night of the flooding.  I drove through it.  The roads were closed.  The bridges were out.  It was a sleepless night of dead-ends and detours," said Spencer.  "This was a natural disaster on a scale the downstate media should have covered better and visible local U.S. Senator would sensitized the entire state to Upstate's plight.  Clinton did none of that.  Her priorities are in 2008."
I was doing what a U.S. Senate candidate is supposed to be doing, what a U.S. Senator is supposed to do, and Hillary Clinton is busy instead in Denver with her liberal buddies charting out strategy for 2008.  So now she shows up late and, of course, gets the photo op with ultra-liberal Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.
This is too little, too late, and a cheap copout on Clinton's part.
View Article  American Legion Gives Spencer Standing Ovation

John Spencer continues to travel throughout Upstate New York, regularly criss-crossing the state to meet with people.

On recent trip found Spencer traversing many flooded sections of the Southern Tier and Central New York during the worst days of the disastrous flooding.  What was supposed to be a short trip between Syracuse and Binghamton because a night-long delay due to closed roadways.

Spencer saw the devastation in Binghamton during the worst day of flooding.


John was in Rochester last week for the Sons of The American Legion's State Convention.

The American Legion gave him a standing ovation.

As The Spencer Blog discussed earlier today, a major topic of discussion among the American Legion was the Constitutional Amendment to protect our American flag -- and Senator Clinton's reluctance to ban such a desecration.

View Article  Clinton Won't Protect Our Flag
Last week, John Spencer met with members of the American Legion from throughout New York State at its state convention in Rochester.  The topic on the tip of many people's tongues was the flag amendment.
John Spencer fully believes the flag must be protected with a Constitutional Amendment.
"I'm still steaming over the flag burning amendment, which failed to pass by one vote," said Spencer following the American Legion convention. "People were visibly upset and angry over Hillary's vote against protecting this symbol of our freedom."
You can count on John Spencer holding Hillary Clinton accountable on her disrespect of the American flag.
"She can explain it legalistically, but that's not going to work, not for a presidential candidate," said University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato. "This will just give additional fodder to her critics, on the left and right."
It's not going to work in New York either.
John will need your support, financially and through word of mouth.  Also, don't hesitate to comment on The Spencer Blog.  We want to hear from you.
"We're taking the fight right to my liberal opponent, explained Spencer. "Team Spencer is giving you the podium to take the fight right to Senator Clinton with us."
Today may be Flag Day, but don't count on Sen. Hillary Clinton backing a constitutional amendment to ban burning Old Glory.
Clinton (D-N.Y.) has co-sponsored a bill to ban flag-burning. But she said yesterday she opposes enshrining that in the Constitution - although her vote could turn the tide for a proposed amendment coming up in the Senate later this month.
"I'm voting against the amendment," she said. "I've always been against the amendment."
U.S. Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist from Tennessee lamented the bill's defeat by one vote.
"Countless men and women have died defending that flag," expressed Frist. "It is but a small humble act for us to defend it."
One vote.  Hillary's vote.  Senator Clinton should be held directly responsible for this fiasco.
Democrats like U.S. Senator Evan Bayh from Indiana supported a Constitutional Amendment.
"The flag is a symbol of our country and of respect for our veterans. I felt the flag deserved protection," said Bayh, a potential presidential candidate who joined 65 other senators last week in voting for the flag amendment.
Among possible presidential contenders in 2008, six voted yes: Democrat Bayh and Republicans George Allen of Virginia, Sam Brownback of Kansas, Frist, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, and John McCain of Arizona. Five, all Democrats, voted no: Joseph Biden of Delaware, Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, Russell Feingold of Wisconsin, John Kerry of Massachusetts and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Of course, Hillary Clinton voted against the flag amendment.  She's pandered on this issue so many way that she has forgotten why it is important.  Liberal courts are carving up our Constitution and this is as much about preserving the work of the Founders as protecting our flag.
A year after announcing support for a ban on flag burning, one she has called "despicable," Senator Clinton voted it down.
What changed?   Nothing.  Clinton is obsessed with 2008 politics and has never cared about New York.
An Iowa poll showed John Edwards beating her, so Senator Clinton rushes to the left to secure her liberal base. It's sad that New York's junior Senator would callously oppose flag protection to appeal to a radical left fringe, when so many Americans have died defending it
Now Clinton wants to posture again that she is for legislation protecting the flag.
It is probably important to note that this is not a proposed constitutional amendment, and it is written in a cutesy way that does not explicitly outlaw all flag burnings -- just those intended to "intimidate any person or group of persons."
As if burning flags are not always offensive to Americans?
However, Cohen's liberal take on flag burning is something I feel perverts the initial intent of the First Amendment.
"The First Amendment is where you simply do not go. It is sacred. It protects our most cherished rights -- religion, speech, press and assembly -- and while I sometimes turn viscerally angry when I see the flag despoiled, my emotions are akin to what I feel when neo-Nazis march. Repugnant or not, popular or not, it is all political speech."
And the flag is not sacred?
You're going to tell veterans of foreign wars that the flag is not sacred?
You can't take the flag for granted.
Senator Clinton pretended to rebrand herself as a red state friendly DLC Democrat with her decision to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Flag Protection Act.
No one is fooled.  Her postures are intellectually dishonest and fail to address the inherent reasons why we must protect our precious flag.
John Spencer understands what's at stake here.
"I fought for our country in Vietnam.  The presence of any American flag is a deeply personal experience for me.  I'm dedicated to preserving the country established by our Founding Fathers.  Yes... I'm patriotic and I love our nation's Constitution.  I revere it.  I don't want it used as a plaything that can be revised and deconstructed by socialists.  The Constitution should be treated as a hallowed document.  It's being undermined -- actively -- by an overly liberal judiciary, a liberal army of judges.  Hillary Clinton would further empower that revisionist judiciary to undermine the basic beliefs we hold true -- and self-evident."
Please comment on The Spencer Blog on how you feel about our flag.  We can make an impact nationally and throughout the mainstream media by sending that kind of message out across the Internet.
"Whether you want to make a statement about Hillary Clinton or any important issue, now is the time I need you by my side," stressed Spencer. "Your comments matter to us and others."
It's not that America is overrun with people burning flags but they're at the gate.  Also, there are important principles here that we can't sway on.  It becomes a slippery slope.  We're up against revisionists and judicial socialists who have little regard for the value of our flag. They would rather protect the flag burners.
That's discrimination against all of us who love our flag.
The ACLU types would sacrifice our flag for their right to yell "fire" in a crowded theater, causing
disrespect and disorder throughout our society.
This is Senator Hillary Clinton's crowd.
The American Legion isn't fooled.
"The only effective use of [such a] statute has been by those who -- like Senator Clinton -- want to evade [a constitutional flag burning] amendment, but give the impression to constituents that they are doing something to protect the flag," the American Legion said in a press release yesterday.
The group said Clinton's proposal was "dead on arrival."
Senator Clinton can't stop flip-flopping on the flag:
"I support federal legislation that would outlaw flag-desecration, much like laws that currently prohibit the burning of crosses, but I don't believe a constitutional amendment is the answer."
She is an ACLU loving liberal who would like to pick apart America's patriotic roots, tradition by tradition.  That's the way counter culture types work, dragging down Western Civilization by removing our valuable traditions and beliefs.  She's fooling no one, pandering to be everyone for everybody, and hiding her true beliefs.

Over at the New York Times, however, Clinton's latest bid for bipartisanship is being dismissed out of hand.

"It's hard to see this as anything but pandering," the Old Gray Lady fumes on today's editorial page, saying there's no "urgent need" to protect the flag.

The New York Times is wrong when they say there is no "urgent need" to protect the flag.  There is a need for a Constitutional Amendment.  There is a need for laws that mean something.  We don't need a bill put up for a vote as a way of generating a press release.  That is dishonest Clinton triangulation.  She has never shown any true consideration for the American flag -- and she never will.  All Hillary Clinton wants to do is tear down the principles our flag stands for.
She would get her statute supposedly protecting the flag and then one of her judicial appointments would reverse that law.
That's why we need a Constitutional Amendment -- and Spencer's own viewpoint is supported my the mainstream media's own legal eagles.
Congress' attempt to overturn a Supreme Court decision by amending the Constitution is "extremely rare," said CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, but it's in line with how the American system of government was designed to work.
"The only way to overrule a Supreme Court precedent is by changing the Constitution," Toobin said. He added that legislators backing the flag-burning amendment are operating "exactly the way the framers of the Constitution intended when they want to change something for all time."
Though you mean well, Ms. Noonan, please be assured that John Spencer is not posturing.
Protecting the Constitution of the United States from revisionists like Senator Clinton is common sense.
View Article  Spencer Calls On Clinton To Support Bolton's Confirmation
July 28, 2006   917-658-0195


Spencer calls on Clinton to support confirmation of Bolton to the U.N.

John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate, today called upon Senator Hillary Clinton to “stop playing politics with national security” and agree to support the confirmation of John Bolton as United States Ambassador to the United Nations..

John Spencer said; “The time has come for Senator Clinton to show New York and the nation, whether or not she understands what leadership is all about. At this moment in time a global war on terror is being waged, the situation in the Mid-East has reached the boiling point, a radical Islamic regime is on the verge of developing nuclear weapons and a rogue totalitarian state is randomly “test firing” missiles that reportedly have the capability of reaching U.S. soil. In the midst of this international mayhem Senator Clinton decides to pick a fight with the President over the confirmation of John Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations.”

“Dissent and debate are healthy in the democratic process, but now is not the time to question a presidential appointment. I call on Senator Clinton to stop playing politics with national security and join in support of the Bolton appointment. Anything less sends the wrong message to the nation and the world. If Senator Clinton truly supports Israel, if she really believes that we need to get tough with Iran and North Korea, then she should see that John Bolton is the man for the job. If, on the other hand, she believes that making news to promote her candidacy for President is appropriate she should continue her caterwauling in the halls of Congress.”

View Article  Spencer Debating -- Hillary Hiding

No sooner had John Spencer agreed to debate KT McFarland, her surrogates and campaign operatives were telling people that Team Spencer was ducking debates.

John Spencer doesn't duck debates. 

He has never ducked a challenge, whether it was going head to head with the federal judiciary over court-ordered housing or cutting through his home city's notorious bureaucracy to rejuvenate the economy of Yonkers.

He's fearless, forthright and not about to be buffalo'd by KT's dizzy spinners.

This is the candidate who just asked Hillary Clinton to join him at a Town Hall meeting in Yonkers.  He's not afraid to debate.  The only issue remaining unresolved is whether or not Senator Clinton will join John Spencer in Yonkers.  Clinton has stayed silent. 

Everything spun by KT McFarland, Ed Rollins and their mud-throwing surrogates has been disinformation.   KT can only rely on distortions -- and John Spencer remains ready at all times to debate.

Spencer campaign spokesman Rob Ryan had previously expressed the following:

"All things considered we have a woman who seems to have a nasty habit of spreading half truths, innuendoes, and outright lies -- not only about John Spencer but also about her own family and her own resume ..."

He could be describing Hillary Clinton, who should be been held accountable for her own disinformation.

Why can't Hillary Clinton sit down with the people in Yonkers and take part in a constructive discussion on New York State?

John Spencer posed a simple question yesterday -- and it's one we will repeat as Clinton continues to avoid debating him.

“When was the last time Senator Clinton went shopping for her family at the supermarket, gassed up the family car, or struggled to balance her check book at the kitchen table?”

When was the last time Senator Clinton actually sat down in one of New York's largest cities and comfortably discussed New York's real problems?

Meanwhile, The Associated Press obviously doesn't seem to believe that a Town Hall meeting in Yonkers between Spencer and Clinton is important.

Clinton obviously doesn't believe it's important either.

The people across New York State and the United States deserve to know why.

View Article  Pin The Tail On The Hillary
The Associated Press reported Senator Clinton and her fellow "tax and spend" liberals addressing the Democratic Leadership Council in Denver, finding every possible way to undermine George Bush and the Republican Party.

"They're not taking care of America. They're bankrupting our country and failing to address the problems," the New York Democrat said Monday, citing skyrocketing gas, college and health care costs.

She whitewashes an ugly picture of a bankrupt nation......If Senator Clinton and her Democratic colleagues wish to place blame then all they need to do is look in the mirror.  If you want a ringside seat, read this piece by CNN on the Democrats' love-in.

"It's the American dream, stupid," the AP reported Clinton teling an audience of Democrats.

Does Senator Clinton and the Democratic Party think the taxpayers are stupid?


Remember this comment by Clinton?

“We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” (“Verbatim,” Time Magazine, July 12, 2004)

John Spencer believes Americans are entitled to more money in their pockets; to spend, to save and to invest.

"If Democrats weren't so consumed with raising the cost of doing business for every industry in America by raising taxes, the people of the United States would have more money in their pockets," explained John Spencer. "New York's economy is buried under the rubble of taxes, courtesy of "tax and spend" Democrats like Senator Clinton who have provided no form of economic relief to this state."

Hillary only understands how to pick the pockets of New Yorkers.
Clinton Voted Twice Against The 2001 Bush Tax Cut. (H.R. 1836, CQ Vote #165: Passed 62-38: R 50-0; D 12-38, May 23, 2001, Clinton Voted Nay; H.R. 1836, CQ Vote #170: Adopted 58-33: R 46-2; D 12-31, May 26, 2001, Clinton Voted Nay)
Clinton Voted Twice Against The 2003 Bush Tax Cuts. (H.R. 2, CQ Vote #179: Passed 51-49: R 48-3; D 3-45; I 0-1, May 15, 2003, Clinton Voted Nay; H.R. 2, CQ Vote #196: Adopted: 50-50: R 48-3; D 2-46; I 0-1, with Vice President Cheney casting a "yea" vote, May 23, 2003, Clinton Voted Nay)
The 2001 and 2003 Bush Tax Cuts provided tax relief to 6.9 million New Yorkers.  Hillary would take that tax relief away.
The 2001 And 2003 Tax Cuts provided marriage penalty relief for 1.8 million New Yorkers.
1,695,000 New Yorkers gained tax relief from the Bush Child Tax Credit for New Yorkers.
Bush's creation of a new 10 percent tax bracket brought tax relief to over six million New Yorkers.
Over 1,500,000 businesses in New York received tax relief from the Bush tax cuts.
The NRSC has put together a website entitled "The Donkeys Want Your Money" that details Hillary's votes for taxes -- and her statements on liberal "tax and spend" policies.

Hillary Brags That She’s “Going To Take Things Away From You.” “Speaking to a group of Democrats, Clinton said, ‘Many of you are well enough off that . . . the tax cuts may have helped you. We’re saying that for America to get back on track, we’re probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.’” (Editorial, “Tax Raisers,” The Union Leader, July 4, 2004)

“Beware The Politician Who Says That The Public Good Requires Her To Use Your Money As She Sees Fit. This is the mindset that leads to diminished personal freedom and vast government power. It is a mindset that views your money as a public asset, which it is not. It is yours, and Hillary Clinton has no claim to it.” (Editorial, “Tax Raisers,” The Union Leader, July 4, 2004)

Clinton Puts Her Faith In Government To Make Choices For Americans That Reflect Her Values. “Every decision we make about taxes is a decision about our values. . . . So it comes down to choices about values. And the American people put their faith in government to make choices that reflect their values.” (Senator Hillary Clinton, Floor Statement, January 9, 2003)

Just Last Month, Clinton Proposed Another $20 Billion A Year In New Taxes. “Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., proposed a $20 billion annual tax on U.S. oil firms and that the industry allocates its profits on developing renewable energy.” (Andrea Mihailescu, “UPI Energy Watch,” UPI, October 28, 2005)

Yet, At Her Candidacy Announcement in 2000, Hillary Said New Yorkers Send Too Much Money To D.C. “‘It is just wrong that today New York sends $15 billion more in taxes each year to Washington than New York gets back.’” (Seth Giertz, “New York Is Not Arkansas,” The [Syracuse] Post-Standard, April 19, 2000)

View Article  Spencer Invites Senator Clinton To Town Hall Meeting

John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S Senate today called on Senator Hillary Clinton to “get in touch with middle class values” and to join him in a town hall meeting with middle class New Yorkers.

Spencer’s remarks came in response to Senator Clinton’s speech to the Democratic Leadership Council.

“Senator Clinton needs to get in touch with middle class values, she needs to understand what real New Yorkers are all about," said Spencer. "It’s plain to see, Hillary Clinton has spent a major part of her life living in public housing….the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock or the White House, now she shuttles between her mansion in Chappaqua and her mansion in Georgetown," said Spencer.

"When was the last time Senator Clinton went shopping for her family at the supermarket, gassed up the family car, or struggled to balance her check book at the kitchen table?" added Spencer.  "She’s out of touch with New York, she’s out of touch with America.”

Spencer suggested that the Town Hall gathering be held in Yonkers.

“The middle class wants their taxes cut, their nation secure and their children educated. They don’t want a Senator who calls for “incentives” only in an election year while having voted for higher taxes and increased spending over the past five years," emphasized Spencer. "They don’t want our state to be represented by a full time candidate for President who’s only a part time Senator for New York.  If Senator Clinton wants to meet with typical middle class voters she should come to Yonkers where we can discuss the issues in a “town hall” meeting and hear the opinions of average New Yorkers.”

View Article  Spencer Meets State College Republican Delegation In Syracuse

John Spencer went up to Central New York this past weekend to meet with the New York State College Republicans at Syracuse University.

View Article  Senator Hypocrite Rides Again
"At the rate that technology is advancing, you know, people will be implanting chips in our children to advertise directly into their brains and tell them what kind of products to buy," Clinton (D-N.Y.), who didn't appear to be joking, said at a Kaiser Family Foundation forum on media and children.
Said the spider to the fly.
The Daily News also reported: Hil frets chips will be put in kids' brains
"People are spending billions and billions of dollars enticing children basically to be obsessed with food," she said. "These foods are almost universally unhealthy." Clinton has offered legislation to study the effects of the "advertising-saturated, media-intense" world on kids.
But hold on.  This is the same Senator who has taken $1.7 million from the entertainment /TV /music industry, the sector which profits from the Madison Avenue marketing Senator Clinton claims to deplore.
"We are living in an advertising-saturated, media-intense environment," Clinton said. "I think it's fair to say that we are conducting an experiment on our children."
Give back the money, Senator. Then your puritan rants might have some credibility.
The Center For Responsive Politics broke some of Clinton's numbers down, strictly by business and PAC-related donations (not individuals working in the entertainment/TV/music industry), and found New York's junior U.S. Senator to be the top recipient of campaign monies from several Madison Avenue-related industries.
View Article  Clinton Unfit To Be Commander In Chief
Clinton talks a good game but she is skin deep when it comes to national security.
“I want us here in New York to imagine, if extremist terrorists were launching rocket attacks across the Mexican or Canadian border, would we stand by or would we defend America against these attacks from extremists?” she said to roars of approval.
Historically, Clinton has voted and spoken an opposite stance.
Hillary told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on 5/24/05 that "a nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable" yet barely a month later, Senator Clinton voted to immunize the Mullah’s nukes from attack by denying our military a nuclear bunker buster bomb we need to destroy deep underground nuclear sites in Iran (Roll Call 171,7/1/05).
John Spencer expressed his concerns.
"If the Israelis hadn’t taken out the Iraqi nuclear program in 1981, Saddam Hussein would have had a nuclear bomb. We may well have to take out the Iranian nuclear program. Hillary Clinton is playing with fire when she denies our military the weapons they need to do it –because if the Iranian mullahs get nuclear weapons, they will use them "
Senator Clinton didn't offer specifics when she claimed to support “whatever steps are necessary” to defend Israel against Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Syria in the military conflict in the Middle East.  Her lack of details has more to do with a conflict of interest, some tied directly to her campaign fundraising.
Past is prologue -- including some recent flip-flopping.
This resolution sponsored by U.S. Senator Rick Santorum was backed by Democrats Evan Bayh of Indiana and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut.
Meanwhile, Roll Call reported early this year that Clinton zealously wants $1 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars pumped into the United Nations Human Rights Commission, a council slated to include Syria, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Libya (Roll Call 73, 3/16/06).  Both Israel and the United States opposed creation of this council that was championed by China and Cuba.
Writing in the International Herald Tribune, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell and House Speaker Newt Gingrich called this commission supported by Clinton "inadequate" and "distorted":
We found that the Human Rights Commission had become so distorted that "countries with appalling, even monstrous, human rights records - Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Libya, and Cuba, to name a few - could all be seated there." We believed that the situation had deteriorated to the point that the commission was failing at its primary task: monitoring, promoting, and enforcing human rights.
Mitchell and Gingrich even quoted Hillary's favorite First Lady:
Eleanor Roosevelt said "the field of human rights is not one in which compromises on fundamental principles are possible." Unfortunately, the proposed compromise put forward for the Human Rights Council does not adequately address the core institutional problem with the current commission - the requirement to keep human rights violators off the council, while keeping human rights defenders on.
John Spencer's noted Hillary's two faces on letting Syria be a judge of human rights.
"Senator Clinton must be back in her Suha Arafat kissing days. I agree with Speaker Gingrich and Senator Mitchell. American taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for a Human Rights Council where the Syrians or the genocidal killers in Sudan sit in judgment."
Clinton's leanings seem more dictated by the almighty dollar than any regard for U.S. security.  The Senator has taken money from an anti-sanctions group called the American Iranian Council through wealthy businessmen Hassan Nemazee and Faraj Aalaei.
According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Namazee has contributed $4000 to Clinton’s reelection while Aalaei has given $1000.
The American Muslim Taskforce, composed of at least one Muslim lobbying group which has given money to Clinton, described Israel's defense against Palestinian aggression as "war crimes" this past November.  The American Muslim Taskforce has characterized Israel's fighting as "state-terror" -- and these statements came from a news outlet called The Muslim News.
Part of the American Muslim Alliance, this organization is not a friend of U.S. interests yet Hillary is monetarily entangled with them
"When Abdurahman Alamoudi, friend and sometime adviser on Islamic affairs to Hillary Rodham Clinton, stood before a Muslim crowd in Lafayette Park across from the White House this week and passionately declared his support for the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, he was revealing the true face of "moderate" Islam."
Less than a year before September 11, Alamoudi was talking about overtaking the United States.

As revealed in last Friday's New York Daily News, Alamoudi, shortly before he began to work for the Clinton State Department in 1997 as a "goodwill ambassador" to Muslim countries, told the Islamic Association of Palestine in Chicago on December 29, 1996:

"I think if we are outside this country, we can say oh, Allah, destroy America, but once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it. There is no way for Muslims to be violent in America, no way. We have other means to do it. You can be violent anywhere else but in America."

News Max noted a Wall Street Journal article detailing how Clinton's conflicts went far beyond accepting money from the American Muslim Council in 2000 -- and that the obvious dangers long preceded her run for U.S. Senate.  She learned from her husband.

"As recounted by Steven Emerson in the March 13, 1996, Wall Street Journal, Alamoudi, then the executive director of the American Muslim Council, had repeated high-level contacts with the Clinton White House in late 1995 and early 1996, which happened to be the period immediately preceding the suicide bombings in Israel in early 1996. On November 9, 1995 he met with President Clinton and Vice President Gore at a meeting with 23 Muslim leaders at the White House. On December 8, National Security Adviser Anthony Lake met at the White House with Alamoudi and several board members of the American Muslim Council. On February 8, 1996, Mrs. Clinton wrote a newspaper column based on talking points provided by Alamoudi. And on February 20, 1996 (only a few days before the first Hamas bombing of the Number 18 bus in Jerusalem), Mrs. Clinton had Alamoudi's group draw up the Muslim guest list for a White House reception marking the end of the Muslim holy period of Ramadan, the first time such an event had ever been held at the White House."

As early as 1996, Clinton knew that accepting money from these Muslim lobbyists was risky business.

Israel National News documented Hillary Clinton accepting money from these same group.

"...The American Muslim Alliance chapter in Massachusetts held what it called a "successful fundraiser" for First Lady Hillary Clinton at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston on June 13, 2000. AMA Massachusetts Chair Tahir Ali said afterwards, "We are attempting to send an important message to all AMA chapters: we must support all who have [Muslim] interests at heart, regardless of what part of the country they are running in."
John Spencer pointed out how Hillary's form of supposed "diplomacy" enables and appeases terrorist acts.
"Senator Clinton blames the Bush Administration for Hezbollah's attack against Israel. But Senator Clinton should look in the mirror. The war against Israeli democracy has been going on for fifty eight years. And this latest chapter has been sparked by years of American weakness in the face of terrorism. Senator Clinton says we should go back to policies of the past which she claims worked. While Hezbollah reigns rockets on Israel, Senator Clinton counsels diplomacy and engagement."
Will the rhetoric from Hillary Clinton be based on the highest bidder or what is best for the defense of the United States?
The Hill reported Democrats racing to propose resolutions signaling strong support for Israel during its violent showdown with Hezbollah, including a U.S. Senate resolution expected this week supporting “Israel’s right of self-defense … to take appropriate action to deter aggression by terrorist groups and their state sponsors” and condemning the governments of Iran and Syria for their financial backing of Hezbollah and Hamas.
John Spencer has been blunt on what America faces and why Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be Commander-In-Chief, let alone a U.S. Senator.
"Terrorists are watching. They see the senator from New York more concerned about their safety than ours. Senator Clinton is playing more to the ACLU now than the welfare of Americans facing the prospect of nuclear dirty bombs exploding in Times Square."
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Ignore the woman behind the curtain!!!
"On the surface, the $182.85 and $145.77 charges at Hampton Inn on 5001 Fleur Drive seem to be the first hint that Clinton’s staff is networking in the critical 2008 presidential caucus state."
Friends of Hillary communications director Ann Lewis said the charges were a "bizarre, inexplicable clerical error."
“It caused quite a stir on our office,” she said yesterday. “But one of them was actually a staffer who went to Texas and the other was a photographer in Albany who went to F.O.H. events… We don’t know how it was billed to Iowa.”
Well, at least the photographer hadn't been in the Hamptons and the money wasn't spent on any black helicopters.
View Article  Marist Poll: Commanding Lead For Spencer

John Spencer has taken a commanding 21 point lead over his Republican opponent KT McFarland, 36-15, according to the most recent WNBC/Marist Poll.

In the first month since John Spencer was chosen as the Republican and Conservative nominee for U.S. Senate, the former Yonkers Mayor has ratcheted up his campaign.  He has the money, the message and momentum all on his side.

"Today's WNBC/Marist poll of registered New York voters swings the pendulum of (seemingly random) GOP primary poll results in the other direction, with John Spencer up 36% to 15%. The poll finds 49% undecided, but you've got to figure that most of those people won't wind up voting at all. It's that kind of race."

People will be coming out to vote and these are voters John Spencer can reach.  People know what's at stake in this U.S. Senate race and no one should underestimate the resolve of sentiment against Hillary Clinton.   Take a close look at those negatives.  Clinton's negatives continue to rise.  She has experienced no boost in poll numbers.  By no measure has John Spencer ever been turned back by Clinton and he has continued to whittle away at her margin.

According to a detailed Urban Elephants chart, every major polling source in New York state (Quinnipiac, Marist, Siena, Zogby, Strategic Vision) has shown John Spencer gaining ground on Hillary Clinton by margins of 2-6 percent in almost ever poll each have taken since the Spring.  As important, the polls have shown Hillary steadily losing ground and gaining much higher unfavorable ratings.

As people learn more about John Spencer, his numbers have steadily climbed -- and we must work even harder now to spread the word.  With Clinton's glass jaw showing, expect some seismic shifts in the coming weeks.

The dramatic gains in the Republican primary were due to Spencer's hard work and determination, competing with a crowd of five candidates over the past year.

The gains against U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton can only turn out to be as dramatic.

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How - and for that matter why - a U.S. senator would get through a 1,154 word speech on a bill to expand funding for embryonic stem cell research, yet never once use the word “embryo” or “fetus” or any variation thereof, amazes us.
Capitol Confidential provided the text of the speech and a video of her long-winded omission.
View Article  Spencer Blog: New York's U.S. Senate Race

It's time to get our feet wet, even if we have to wade through the media waters with some snapping turtles.

Welcome to the Spencer Blog, a source of news and information about John Spencer's U.S. Senate race in New York.
Where is the money going?
With 38 percent negatives and stagnant at 57 percent against Spencer, expect Hillary to spend much more of her remaining $22 million in the coming months.
According to the most recent Quinnipiac Poll in late June, John Spencer narrowed the margin by 12 percentage points on Clinton in less than a month (57-33 from 63-27 in May).
John Spencer can win this U.S. Senate race.  Hillary Clinton is vulnerable, flip-flopping on numerous issues and poorly representing New York State.  New York's economic woes haven't been aided by Democrats in the State or Federal government.
“I’m a conservative Republican,” he said. “She’s a liberal Democrat, although right now, she’s trying to be all things to all people. She’s a chameleon.”
Clinton has offered no measurable solutions to the loss of jobs throughout Upstate New York.  Clinton's liberalism only means more spending and more taxes and more taxes and more taxes...and more....  Clinton can only be many things to many people on Iraq, without telling anyone the truth.
Spencer noted Clinton's aversion to tax cuts.
She’s still harping about the Bush tax cuts,” he said. “People like Senator Clinton are dead wrong. [The tax cuts] have not destroyed the economy. They have rebounded the economy.”
Clinton's cart is way ahead of the horse in this race, since she has fixated on national ambitions rather than focusing on the Empire State's needs.  There has been no movement by the incumbent U.S. Senator for all the dollars she has wasted promoting herself for president -- nor is there any indication that she would spend the lion's share of her war chest in New York.
Spencer has nearly three times the amount of money on hand than his primary opponent, KT McFarland, whose campaign claims to have raised $224,073 during the same time period.  The Spencer campaign has received more than 101,000 individual contributions over the past year.
Campaign spokesperson Rob Ryan said: "It’s clear, New Yorkers and Americans realize that John Spencer is the Republican who can defeat Hillary Clinton. We will have the money and the message needed to win the GOP Primary and are building the national donor base needed to finance the campaign against Senator Clinton”
John Spencer has actually raised money from 5,000 more donors than Hillary Clinton (39,640 to 34,000) during this past filing period, according to FEC reports -- with over $1,200,000 in fundraising during a time when Senator Clinton raised $5,700,000 from her national base of liberal heavy hitters.  She can only have her horse drink from the well so many times before that base dries up -- yet she is nervous enough to be spending $21 million against Spencer.
... And where has the $21.5 million gone?
It's feeding Hillary's jaunts and operations in other states.  Federal campaign finance law also allows Sen. Clinton to use any unspent money on a future federal campaign.
Something tells us that New York's junior U.S. Senator will be spending a lot of her remaining $22 million.
The New York Times reported on Clinton's visit to Arkansas that she is warning Democrats not to rouse Republicans and conservatives, proof that the presence of a conservative Republican opponent in New York has the former First Lady watching her back.
"We do things that are controversial. We do things that try to inflame their base,” Clinton, D-N.Y., told the Arkansas Federation of Democratic Women, according to the New York Times. "We are wasting time.”
John Spencer is not wasting time, criss-crossing New York State from Rochester to New York City and back Upstate within the past 24 hours.