It's time to get our feet wet, even if we have to wade through the media waters with some snapping turtles.

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Where is the money going?
With 38 percent negatives and stagnant at 57 percent against Spencer, expect Hillary to spend much more of her remaining $22 million in the coming months.
According to the most recent Quinnipiac Poll in late June, John Spencer narrowed the margin by 12 percentage points on Clinton in less than a month (57-33 from 63-27 in May).
John Spencer can win this U.S. Senate race.  Hillary Clinton is vulnerable, flip-flopping on numerous issues and poorly representing New York State.  New York's economic woes haven't been aided by Democrats in the State or Federal government.
“I’m a conservative Republican,” he said. “She’s a liberal Democrat, although right now, she’s trying to be all things to all people. She’s a chameleon.”
Clinton has offered no measurable solutions to the loss of jobs throughout Upstate New York.  Clinton's liberalism only means more spending and more taxes and more taxes and more taxes...and more....  Clinton can only be many things to many people on Iraq, without telling anyone the truth.
Spencer noted Clinton's aversion to tax cuts.
She’s still harping about the Bush tax cuts,” he said. “People like Senator Clinton are dead wrong. [The tax cuts] have not destroyed the economy. They have rebounded the economy.”
Clinton's cart is way ahead of the horse in this race, since she has fixated on national ambitions rather than focusing on the Empire State's needs.  There has been no movement by the incumbent U.S. Senator for all the dollars she has wasted promoting herself for president -- nor is there any indication that she would spend the lion's share of her war chest in New York.
Spencer has nearly three times the amount of money on hand than his primary opponent, KT McFarland, whose campaign claims to have raised $224,073 during the same time period.  The Spencer campaign has received more than 101,000 individual contributions over the past year.
Campaign spokesperson Rob Ryan said: "It’s clear, New Yorkers and Americans realize that John Spencer is the Republican who can defeat Hillary Clinton. We will have the money and the message needed to win the GOP Primary and are building the national donor base needed to finance the campaign against Senator Clinton”
John Spencer has actually raised money from 5,000 more donors than Hillary Clinton (39,640 to 34,000) during this past filing period, according to FEC reports -- with over $1,200,000 in fundraising during a time when Senator Clinton raised $5,700,000 from her national base of liberal heavy hitters.  She can only have her horse drink from the well so many times before that base dries up -- yet she is nervous enough to be spending $21 million against Spencer.
... And where has the $21.5 million gone?
It's feeding Hillary's jaunts and operations in other states.  Federal campaign finance law also allows Sen. Clinton to use any unspent money on a future federal campaign.
Something tells us that New York's junior U.S. Senator will be spending a lot of her remaining $22 million.
The New York Times reported on Clinton's visit to Arkansas that she is warning Democrats not to rouse Republicans and conservatives, proof that the presence of a conservative Republican opponent in New York has the former First Lady watching her back.
"We do things that are controversial. We do things that try to inflame their base,” Clinton, D-N.Y., told the Arkansas Federation of Democratic Women, according to the New York Times. "We are wasting time.”
John Spencer is not wasting time, criss-crossing New York State from Rochester to New York City and back Upstate within the past 24 hours.