John Spencer has taken a commanding 21 point lead over his Republican opponent KT McFarland, 36-15, according to the most recent WNBC/Marist Poll.

In the first month since John Spencer was chosen as the Republican and Conservative nominee for U.S. Senate, the former Yonkers Mayor has ratcheted up his campaign.  He has the money, the message and momentum all on his side.

"Today's WNBC/Marist poll of registered New York voters swings the pendulum of (seemingly random) GOP primary poll results in the other direction, with John Spencer up 36% to 15%. The poll finds 49% undecided, but you've got to figure that most of those people won't wind up voting at all. It's that kind of race."

People will be coming out to vote and these are voters John Spencer can reach.  People know what's at stake in this U.S. Senate race and no one should underestimate the resolve of sentiment against Hillary Clinton.   Take a close look at those negatives.  Clinton's negatives continue to rise.  She has experienced no boost in poll numbers.  By no measure has John Spencer ever been turned back by Clinton and he has continued to whittle away at her margin.

According to a detailed Urban Elephants chart, every major polling source in New York state (Quinnipiac, Marist, Siena, Zogby, Strategic Vision) has shown John Spencer gaining ground on Hillary Clinton by margins of 2-6 percent in almost ever poll each have taken since the Spring.  As important, the polls have shown Hillary steadily losing ground and gaining much higher unfavorable ratings.

As people learn more about John Spencer, his numbers have steadily climbed -- and we must work even harder now to spread the word.  With Clinton's glass jaw showing, expect some seismic shifts in the coming weeks.

The dramatic gains in the Republican primary were due to Spencer's hard work and determination, competing with a crowd of five candidates over the past year.

The gains against U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton can only turn out to be as dramatic.