"At the rate that technology is advancing, you know, people will be implanting chips in our children to advertise directly into their brains and tell them what kind of products to buy," Clinton (D-N.Y.), who didn't appear to be joking, said at a Kaiser Family Foundation forum on media and children.
Said the spider to the fly.
The Daily News also reported: Hil frets chips will be put in kids' brains
"People are spending billions and billions of dollars enticing children basically to be obsessed with food," she said. "These foods are almost universally unhealthy." Clinton has offered legislation to study the effects of the "advertising-saturated, media-intense" world on kids.
But hold on.  This is the same Senator who has taken $1.7 million from the entertainment /TV /music industry, the sector which profits from the Madison Avenue marketing Senator Clinton claims to deplore.
"We are living in an advertising-saturated, media-intense environment," Clinton said. "I think it's fair to say that we are conducting an experiment on our children."
Give back the money, Senator. Then your puritan rants might have some credibility.
The Center For Responsive Politics broke some of Clinton's numbers down, strictly by business and PAC-related donations (not individuals working in the entertainment/TV/music industry), and found New York's junior U.S. Senator to be the top recipient of campaign monies from several Madison Avenue-related industries.