View Article  Spencer Invites Senator Clinton To Town Hall Meeting

John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S Senate today called on Senator Hillary Clinton to “get in touch with middle class values” and to join him in a town hall meeting with middle class New Yorkers.

Spencer’s remarks came in response to Senator Clinton’s speech to the Democratic Leadership Council.

“Senator Clinton needs to get in touch with middle class values, she needs to understand what real New Yorkers are all about," said Spencer. "It’s plain to see, Hillary Clinton has spent a major part of her life living in public housing….the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock or the White House, now she shuttles between her mansion in Chappaqua and her mansion in Georgetown," said Spencer.

"When was the last time Senator Clinton went shopping for her family at the supermarket, gassed up the family car, or struggled to balance her check book at the kitchen table?" added Spencer.  "She’s out of touch with New York, she’s out of touch with America.”

Spencer suggested that the Town Hall gathering be held in Yonkers.

“The middle class wants their taxes cut, their nation secure and their children educated. They don’t want a Senator who calls for “incentives” only in an election year while having voted for higher taxes and increased spending over the past five years," emphasized Spencer. "They don’t want our state to be represented by a full time candidate for President who’s only a part time Senator for New York.  If Senator Clinton wants to meet with typical middle class voters she should come to Yonkers where we can discuss the issues in a “town hall” meeting and hear the opinions of average New Yorkers.”

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John Spencer went up to Central New York this past weekend to meet with the New York State College Republicans at Syracuse University.