No sooner had John Spencer agreed to debate KT McFarland, her surrogates and campaign operatives were telling people that Team Spencer was ducking debates.

John Spencer doesn't duck debates. 

He has never ducked a challenge, whether it was going head to head with the federal judiciary over court-ordered housing or cutting through his home city's notorious bureaucracy to rejuvenate the economy of Yonkers.

He's fearless, forthright and not about to be buffalo'd by KT's dizzy spinners.

This is the candidate who just asked Hillary Clinton to join him at a Town Hall meeting in Yonkers.  He's not afraid to debate.  The only issue remaining unresolved is whether or not Senator Clinton will join John Spencer in Yonkers.  Clinton has stayed silent. 

Everything spun by KT McFarland, Ed Rollins and their mud-throwing surrogates has been disinformation.   KT can only rely on distortions -- and John Spencer remains ready at all times to debate.

Spencer campaign spokesman Rob Ryan had previously expressed the following:

"All things considered we have a woman who seems to have a nasty habit of spreading half truths, innuendoes, and outright lies -- not only about John Spencer but also about her own family and her own resume ..."

He could be describing Hillary Clinton, who should be been held accountable for her own disinformation.

Why can't Hillary Clinton sit down with the people in Yonkers and take part in a constructive discussion on New York State?

John Spencer posed a simple question yesterday -- and it's one we will repeat as Clinton continues to avoid debating him.

“When was the last time Senator Clinton went shopping for her family at the supermarket, gassed up the family car, or struggled to balance her check book at the kitchen table?”

When was the last time Senator Clinton actually sat down in one of New York's largest cities and comfortably discussed New York's real problems?

Meanwhile, The Associated Press obviously doesn't seem to believe that a Town Hall meeting in Yonkers between Spencer and Clinton is important.

Clinton obviously doesn't believe it's important either.

The people across New York State and the United States deserve to know why.