July 28, 2006   917-658-0195


Spencer calls on Clinton to support confirmation of Bolton to the U.N.

John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate, today called upon Senator Hillary Clinton to “stop playing politics with national security” and agree to support the confirmation of John Bolton as United States Ambassador to the United Nations..

John Spencer said; “The time has come for Senator Clinton to show New York and the nation, whether or not she understands what leadership is all about. At this moment in time a global war on terror is being waged, the situation in the Mid-East has reached the boiling point, a radical Islamic regime is on the verge of developing nuclear weapons and a rogue totalitarian state is randomly “test firing” missiles that reportedly have the capability of reaching U.S. soil. In the midst of this international mayhem Senator Clinton decides to pick a fight with the President over the confirmation of John Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations.”

“Dissent and debate are healthy in the democratic process, but now is not the time to question a presidential appointment. I call on Senator Clinton to stop playing politics with national security and join in support of the Bolton appointment. Anything less sends the wrong message to the nation and the world. If Senator Clinton truly supports Israel, if she really believes that we need to get tough with Iran and North Korea, then she should see that John Bolton is the man for the job. If, on the other hand, she believes that making news to promote her candidacy for President is appropriate she should continue her caterwauling in the halls of Congress.”