File this one under fair weather friends.
Clinton's photo-ops in Queens demonstrate her penchant for publicity but little else.
She's been in Denver most of the week while much of Queens was left in the dark.
"She criticized Governor Pataki for failing to allow Queens to be declared a federal disaster area, heard the complaints of shopowners, and chatted with passersby."
A photo-op, long after Queens first endured the problems of widespread power outages.
As Queens lost juice, what was New York's junior U.S. Senator doing?
Clinton was occupying her time with the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), outlining her political agenda for 2008 and too busy to notice the lights going out in Queens.  As for criticizing Governor George E. Pataki, Clinton shouldn't be pointing fingers.  She shows up for the photo op in New York City but she let down flooded regions all over New York State earlier this summer.
This is Liberty Street in Sidney, New York.
Right near the confluence of the Unadilla and Susquehanna Rivers, this street is only minutes away where two truck drivers died when floodwaters took away an entire portion of the interstate.
She has done nothing to address the devastated Southern Tier or surrounding counties, areas still ravaged from flooding that have left thousands homeless in places like Sidney, Binghamton, Bainbridge, Unadilla and communities along the Susqehanna River. 
Downstate media missed this story as much of Broome, Chenango and Otsego Counties were underwater -- including washed out bridges and roadways all over New York State.
If you want a sense of the devastation and damage to people's lives, please take a close look at The Oneonta Daily Star's coverage of The Flood of 2006.
Finally, failures to provide adequate power to the five boroughs has been overtly-politicized by the Democrats in New York City.  Failure to site power plants has been a political football ignored by Democrats -- and it's a federal issue too.  Senator Clinton shouldn't be blaming George Pataki.  To lend comfort to her liberal friends (who would rather spend our tax dollars on some pork-ridden scheme or entitlement), she has filibustered and voted against improving transmission lines since 2001.  Such legislation finally passed last year, after shameful delays by Clinton and her cohorts.
If she was a leader, she wouldn't have wasted the day in Denver pitching herself to the DLC for 2008.  She would have been in Queens much earlier.
Clinton's interests aren't at home.  She's talking disasters and terrorism, except she isn't doing anything about it.  Instead, she's busy blaming Bush and not focusing on local interests.
As The Spencer Blog pointed out earlier, Spencer was driving between Syracuse and Binghamton when the flooding shutdown much of Central New York State and the Southern Tier.
"I was Upstate during the flooding.  I witnessed the devastation around Binghamton firsthand on the worst day and night of the flooding.  I drove through it.  The roads were closed.  The bridges were out.  It was a sleepless night of dead-ends and detours," said Spencer.  "This was a natural disaster on a scale the downstate media should have covered better and visible local U.S. Senator would sensitized the entire state to Upstate's plight.  Clinton did none of that.  Her priorities are in 2008."
I was doing what a U.S. Senate candidate is supposed to be doing, what a U.S. Senator is supposed to do, and Hillary Clinton is busy instead in Denver with her liberal buddies charting out strategy for 2008.  So now she shows up late and, of course, gets the photo op with ultra-liberal Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.
This is too little, too late, and a cheap copout on Clinton's part.