View Article  Hillary Turns Her Back On Queens -- Keeps Con Ed Donations

Senator Clinton has accepted $31,500 from Con-Ed employees, according to the Center For Responsive Politics. 

She has also taken $4,072 dollars in PAC money directly from Con-Ed.

She should give it back!!!
Included among those donations, as reported this morning by The New York Daily News, is a $1,000 donation from Con-Ed executive Kevin Burke.
View Article  Clinton Priorities: White House Run Trumps Queens Blackout
Where was she last Monday and Tuesday?
Senator Clinton 
was in Denver.
She was lobbying the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) for 2008.
Hillary was too busy outlining her political agenda to notice the lights going out in Queens.

"Does the federal government issue disaster aid for incompetence?" complained Popik. "What we have here is Con Ed incompetence, completely unchecked by our great political system (including Senator Clinton herself)."

Officials in New York City Hall are seeking increased aid for small businesses and food stamp reimbursements for low-income residents whose perishables spoiled.

Instead, Clinton proposed a Con-Ed subsidy.
She sounds too chummy with Con-Ed to us.
View Article  The Ithaca Journal: Spencer Stays Focused
A pro-life, anti-gay marriage candidate who supports the war in Iraq and Israel's recent attacks on Lebanon, Spencer said the nation needs politicians who “have the courage and tenacity to stay focused on the issues and not veer off into the politics of it.”
That approach, he said, would work for everything from energy to health care to social security.

“I don't think New Yorkers have been put to the test since 1994 when Pataki first ran,” Spencer said, referring to what he sees as a lack of Republican candidates who truly differ from Democrats.

“Pataki proved it could be done against a polarizing figure like Cuomo and Hillary Clinton is more polarizing,” he said. “The Republican base has not been lit up since 1994.”