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Senator Clinton campaigned for the presidency on Monday, framing rural farmers as the salvation of Upstate New York's economy.
It served as good a place as any to test her stump speech for the Iowa caucuses.
She has no basic economic sense, since her "tax and spend" fantasies are unfriendly to investment and job growth.
"The good news is that Upstate New York still has a lot going for it, including an impressive array of colleges and universities. State taxes on key industries are considerably lower than they were a decade ago. And the exodus of jobs and people has left Upstate with some of the nation's most affordable housing stock.
Unfortunately, the cost of doing business in New York remains discouragingly high, thanks to sky-high local taxes and other anti-growth policies rubber-stamped by politicians at every level of government. In the final analysis, New York can't start to grow unless its government starts to shrink." (Syracuse Post-Standard)
Hillary wants government to grow -- and has no clue while manufacturing left the state.
To a significant degree the problems of New York have been far worse than those experienced by the other cold/old states of the Northeast and upper Midwest. There's something else at work here - something that has dragged down the already vulnerable Upstate region like an anchor.
That something is, in a word, government. New York's elected officials spend, tax and borrow far more than the national average. As a result, we have failed to compete effectively with states offering more favorable climates for economic growth.
The best Senator Clinton can do is showcase a 152 year old family farm, a rare occasion where Democrat-increased inheritance taxes over the years hadn't split one up.
Record of Failure
What happened to her campaign to deliver 200,000 jobs to Upstate New York?
Senator Clinton had six years to demonstrate some common sense on economics.  She has failed New York's cities, since she never had a plan that actually works.
John Spencer was Mayor of Yonkers, the state's fourth largest city.  And he succeeded!!!  The New York Daily News had this to say about Spencer's tenure as mayor:
”Widely credited with revitalizing the blue-collar city, the state's fourth largest, Spencer was reelected with more than 65% of the vote in 1999 and forced out in 2003 only by term limits.’(12/18/05)
Contrast Spencer's success that with what the Utica Dispatch said about Clinton's record of failure:
”Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton took office five years ago, promising to push a multibillion-dollar plan in Congress to create 200,000 jobs for New York's struggling upstate counties.
But as Clinton seeks re-election this year and ponders a possible 2008 presidential bid, she is far from that goal, which she pledged in a 2000 campaign commercial.
In fact, the state has lost jobs since 2001, according to federal and private sector statistics.
The upstate region lost nearly 40,000 jobs between January 2001 and January 2006, according to the business-backed Public Policy Institute in Albany. Overall, the state has lost 112,000 jobs since March 2001, a 1.3 percent drop, according to the group's recent report.”
Yonkers was fiscally down on its heels, financially distressed and under state control for over ten years before Spencer righted the ship. John Spencer had the guts to take on entrenched unions to cut waste and cut taxes.  As Governor Pataki said when the control board was dissolved, "Today's decision reflects the remarkable job Mayor Spencer has done to return Yonkers to sound fiscal footing."
Clinton is pitching to Iowa, not New York, with her plans for further rural subsidy.  Her pie in the sky plans would further expand the federal government.
Clinton has forgotten the warnings of the late U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan on federal spending.
"Reducing big government in Washington is a win for New York because we get less from Washington than we pay to Washington,". Senator Moynihan explained. “Anything that grows the size of the Federal government will grow the deficit of New York and other such [high-income] states.”
In fact, the Tax Foundation reports New York is getting less. Under Senator Clinton’s ineffective leadership, we get back 80 cents on a federal tax dollar paid, down from 87 cents before Senator Clinton was elected.   Our money needs to stay home!!!  
The Bush tax cuts have saved New Yorkers $36 billion. Repeal would cost New York over $100 billion by 2010
Senator Clinton would let thse tax cuts expire – taking more New York money to Washington.  John Spencer will preserve the tax cuts, so we can keep our money here.
Expanding Investments
Senator Clinton wants to real the investor friendly cuts in the capital gains tax.  If she was serious about expanding investments in Upstate New York, she wouldn't be trying to gut the Bush tax cuts.
When she voted against the capital gains tax cut, Senator Clinton declared the Republican's economic plan the least likely to stimulate the economic growth and most likely to undermine economic growth.
"I will continue to vote against irresponsible tax cuts like those President Bush proposes." (New York Sun 5/6/05)
Senator Clinton voted against capital gains tax cuts, politicking against economic relief that boosted the stock market value and created new opportunities for start up companies. New York has gained 170,000 jobs as a result of Wall Street's growth -- with no thanks to Hillary Clinton. 
Cutting capital gains taxes also raised revenue and lowered the deficit.  The Congressional Budget Office forecast a $27 billion loss from the tax cut.  Instead, Washington gained $26 billion as investors were encouraged to take gains at a lower rate (National Review, 1/27/06)

Big Spender
Hillary Clinton has done everything to discourage investments in New York.  She has picked your pockets over the last five years, voting to increase spending four times faster than inflation -- busting the President's budget by $380 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.
John Spencer would join with U.S. Senator John McCain in cutting discretionary spending by five percent across the board, with the exception of national security, to save $16.5 billion.
Spencer would freeze federal pay, except national security, to save $2 billion.
Spencer would eliminate pork barrel spending in the highway bill to save $24 billion.
Spencer would vote against the Medicare drug bill to save $80 billion.
In contrast, Senator Clinton irresponsibly voted against freezing non-defense discretionary spending (Roll Call 286,11/3/05)
Finally, the National Taxpayers Union found Senator Clinton to be the Senate’s 2nd biggest spender!!!
Hillary shouldn't be preaching about economic investment she has done everything to thwart.
View Article  Hillary The Hypocrite On Oil Donations
Mrs. Clinton blamed the Bush administration’s “misplaced priorities’’ in part for the troubles afflicting rural America — priorities that she said included giving tax breaks to oil companies reaping record profits.
“If we create a government structure that instead of subsidizing oil companies, subsidizes farmers and producers of ethanol, we will revolutionize how we do fuel, and we will lower the cost because we won’t be dependent upon foreign oil,” she said.
Where's Senator Clinton been for 5 and half years?  It sounded like she was campaigning in Iowa, not New York.  The New York Times naturally greeted it as a national stump speech.
The Republican National Committee called it "political opportunism."
“This is less about Hillary Clinton’s commitment to rural America and more about her commitment to her own political ambitions,’’ said Tracey Schmitt, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.
The most cynical comment came halfway through Hillary's speech, where she lashed out vaguely at the oil industry, the Bush Administration and the Arabs in the Middle East.
"They are using petro dollars to subsidize terrorists..."
Meanwhile, hypocrite Hillary has taken oil industry money -- from her supporters in the Iranian lobby -- and has maintained a political cozy relationship with the American Iranian Council.  As The Spencer Blog noted in detail two weeks ago, some of these donors have business relationships with Conoco Oil.  These are lobbyists inflaming the sentiments of radicalized Islamic fundamentalists to gain financial advantage in the region.
There are the worst of the worst.
And Senator Clinton's taken money from them
Hillary's a hypocrite.
She should give the money back -- but she won't.  She never does.