Thanks to Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report, the message of U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton playing politics with national policy was spread across the nation.
The Spencer television spot has been taken very seriously by national news outlets.
... And it's not over.
The New York Daily News:  GOP ad is heavily Laden
ABC News:  Political Ad Pairs Clinton, Bin Laden
Many thanks to Matt Margolis of GOP Bloggers ( who corrected what some dreaded spinmasters have been doing to John Spencer's newest television commercial.

"When I read the headline of the story about John Spencer's ad, I was given the impression that the ad somehow suggested a link between Hillary Clinton and Osama bin Laden. With headlines like "GOP Hopeful to Run Ad Linking Hillary Clinton to Osama Bin Laden" or "Senate hopeful's ad pairs Clinton, Bin Laden," what other impression are you left with?"

Margolis caught the spin, right down to the word. 

"Is that "linking" or "pairing" Hillary and Osama?  No.  Is it accurately portraying her policy positions and their consequences? Yes."

Hillary's surrogates are trying to distort Spencer's message.  They won't succeed, especially as we air both our new television commercials across New York State.

Clinton water carrier Howard Wolfson spun the distortions as far as fourth estate would let him, in this instance to Glenn Blain of The Journal News.

"Wild-eyed, angry, and patently inaccurate ads like this are among the many reasons why no one takes Mr. Spencer's campaign seriously," Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said in an e-mail.

It's a FACT!!!

The Spencer Blog has cited the U.S. Senate vote and Hillary Clinton's statement.

On December 16, 2005, Senator Clinton voted against the Patriot Act.

She wanted to delay its reauthorization.

Then Hillary attacked the NSA's wiretaps.

Now she's denying it.


75,000 people viewed Spencer's television ad between 4-5 pm yesterday.

Maybe Hillary Clinton has discuss her callous offense to what she characterized as "warrantless" wiretaps on December 16, 2005 -- and her obvious desire to delay reauthorization of the Patriot Act.  Clinton would prefer two votes a year to reauthorize the Patriot Act and it's all politics.  It's all about her campaign in 2008, not New York or bringing any true benefit to the Empire State.

Locally, New York City's Urban Elephants had multiple discussions on John Spencer's ad, including one insightful observation on some media masters attempting to re-frame national security in terms of the "fear" and "anger" of voters.

"On the heels of Ned Lamont, it is being said Republicans are poised once to show Democrats as weak on terror. On Hardball last night (not Spencer's appearance), a reporter from the Washington Post mentioned John Spencer's new ad, as perhaps the first evidence that the GOP will be going after Dems as being soft on terror."

Our response?  We want American citizens to be safe from terrorist threats.  Hillary Clinton just wants to be elected to the White House in 2008.

Clinton can't decide whether she is Lamont or Lieberman.

The real news is that people are taking notice of the U.S. Senate race in New York.

For the first time in months, the lead story on U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton is someone other than Hillary Clinton.
It's about the failure of Senator Clinton to take proper action to defend the state in a time of war.
John Spencer won't play politics with our national security.