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New York saw the true face of U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton yesterday.
"He'll have to answer for it..."
Is that a threat by a U.S. Senator?
John Spencer believes that Senator Clinton will have to answer for vote on December 16, 2005, one where she wanted to continue a filibuster delaying re-passage of the Patriot Act.
Following the release of Spencer's television commercial Clinton politicizing national security, New York's junior U.S. Senator countered with her own ad.

"They are very very nervous about John Spencer," said his spokesman Rob Ryan.

"He's hit a nerve with this ad and now they have to respond."

NY1 reported on Clinton claiming our ad was "inaccurate" -- but the real problem is Hillary doesn't want to discuss her statements against all-important wiretapping provisions.

NY1 noted that this is a sea change.

"Until now, Clinton has avoided attacks on her opponents, who are well behind her in the polls. But Wednesday she defended herself against claims she's playing politics with national security."

Spencer stands behind the ad's accuracy.  It's been well-researched.  It's opened a valuable dialogue.

NY1 further observed that Clinton's stand on n is making no one happy

"Clinton's swift reaction shows she is aware that her position on national security could make her vulnerable to attacks from both parties."

She can't decide whether she's Lamont or Lieberman.

Spencer campaign spokesman Rob Ryan told reporters that the ad served a constructive purpose.

"We're trying to bring attention to the fact that Mrs. Clinton tries to be all things to all people and we're also trying to let New Yorkers see that there is a campaign here, there is someone running against her and someone who is going to bring up the hard issues," Ryan said.

 Newsmax Media also covered the ad, as did wire services throughout the United States.

Spencer's campaign held firmly to the message, while Hillary's legions have been scrambled.

"The ad speaks for itself," he said. "It's about the failure of Senator Clinton to take proper action to defend the state in a time of war."

Meanwhile, Hillary's new ad was given this biting and chilly response from News Busters.

"Hillary stands at arm's length, and reaches out to stroke the little girl's hair. But she does so in the wan, tentative way in which you might pet someone else's cat, not quite sure you won't be bitten. It was a classic bit of Hillary trying - and not quite succeeding - to show a warm-'n-fuzzy side that just might not exist."

The New York Times called it "A Senator's Opening Salvo" and noted that its running in Upstate, New York, Westchester County and Long Island.

The real story here is that Hillary Clinton is as much running against herself as John Spencer.

It's blog, The Empire Zone, had the following quote from Clinton:

"We need to get back to the business of trying to work together in a bipartisan, even a nonpartisan way to win the war against terror. And people in their political campaigns, I think do a great disservice to our country accusing patriotic Americans of being in league with Osama bin Laden."

The same U.S. Senator said the following on December 16, 2006

"I am troubled by recent reports that the President signed an order in 2002 that authorized the National Security Agency to conduct domestic spying on U.S. citizens and foreign nationals in the United States."

Not playing politics with national security?

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Spencer's television commercial prompted this dialogue in The National Review on whether Senator Clinton is a "dove" or a "hawk" (with e-mail running about 5 to 1 in favor of her being a dove).
Jim’s position: Hillary is a genuine hawk; she was as affected and traumatized by 9/11 as any other New York-based mother who couldn’t get in touch with her child for a period of time after the attacks. Her voting record as senator reflects her instincts and genuine policy views; she’s a former first lady and Democrat from New York; if she wanted to have a voting record indistinguishable from Nancy Pelosi’s, she would. If she were to become president, dovish Democrats would be disappointed. 

TKS Dad’s position: Hillary is a dove. All of her votes and rhetoric are political posturing for 2008. If she were to be elected president, she would be as bad as her husband and/or Jimmy Carter in the face of threats.

The Spencer Blog has also noted that Hillary Clinton has been prompted to rush her first ad -- and it's a "positive ad" -- ready made for 2008.


The National Journal's daily briefing on politics, The Hotline blog, had this analysis of Senator Clinton's 60 second spot:

The ad features doubters who were converted by Clinton's tenacity and solid service as a Senator. It mentions -- no, it highlights -- 9/11 (twice) and military bases. A former major general gives his testimonial.

Knowing how much national free media this ad will get, let us propose that it's a preview of the argument Clinton might one day make to wary Democratic primary voters and "unsure" suburbanites across the country. You think you know her. New Yorkers were worried, too, but they gave it a shot and look how great she turned out.

In any event, it ain’t an ad that a normal incumbent with her poll numbers would run.

The last Wall Street Journal poll conducted by Zogby had Hillary Clinton at 53.7 percent.

Senator Clinton's nervous. 

Candidate Clinton is coming out but is she showing up for New York's U.S. Senate race?