"On top of 32 full-time employees and 10 Senate staffers partially assigned to it, Clinton's "political operation" now includes 13 political consultants. That seems like quite a bit of input for someone the article describes as "genuinely undecided" about running for president. ... But it is very much in keeping with the political profile that has emerged since Hillary transformed herself from First Lady to Presumptive Presidential Frontrunner. And that profile is unmistakably of a politician more comfortable following than leading."
That seems like quite a bit of taxpayer-paid staff spending time on Clinton's White House aspirations -- and not enough time on New York State.
The National Journal's blog, The Hotline also noted Huffington's observations and Morra Aaron's blog on the website Blog Her picked up on Senator Clinton preoccupations:
"In Washington, few question how many consultants it takes to devolve an operation into leadership by committee."
Few question those working fulltime for Hillary -- who are only working part-time for New York.
This proves our point.  Hillary is running for President.
John Spencer is running for U.S. Senate.