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U.S. Senate candidate John Spencer enjoyed at least two lucky sausage wedges at the New York State Fair in Syracuse (as far as we know from published reports).

The New York Times noted that when it came to the State Fair, "the G.O.P. Came, Saw and Gorged."

New York State Governor George E. Pataki took much of the statewide Republican ticket to his lucky sausage stand, Paisano’s, where they all gorged for the cameras.




Spencer is pictured here in front of Paisano's with J. Christopher Callaghan, fellow Republican and Conservative candidate for New York State Comptroller.


As The Times reported last week, both Spencer and Callaghan were determined to learn from history and feast on the lucky sausages.

"I had two," Spencer explained.


Callaghan kept his sense of humor, sharing with The Times that he understood "the importance of party loyalty, political expediency and the need to be a good soldier."

“I asked for a corned beef sandwich,” he said after lunch. “They told me no. I had to have sausage. I did what I was told.”













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In an Elmira Star-Gazette story this weekend, John Spencer pledged to address the state's economic woes as U.S. Senator.

"Government has to be re-engineered to make it more condusive to attract major corporations and jobs and making sure we set up opportunities within the Southern Tier," he said, noting he will rely on his record as a conservative Republican.

"I cut taxes and created jobs. People said it couldn't be done, but it can be done."

Spencer contrasted his record as mayor of Yonkers with Senator Clinton.

“She's a pro-tax liberal senator that has not delivered in the area of jobs and economic opportunity because she's too busy criticizing others in Washington,” he said.


“I think that hurt New York severely.”

Spencer told the Elmira Star-Gazette that he understands local government because he ran a local government for eight years.

As senator, Spencer said he would meet with local and state officials to see what could be done to promote economic development and job growth in the Southern Tier and bring industry back into New York.

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