View Article  Hillary Doesn't Do Debates
U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, so far, won't debate us -- or answer our debate challenge.
She is not debating her primary opponent either.
That's Jonathan Tasini, to the right and below.

With two weeks left until the primary, Clinton's campaign has stonewalled all questions about debating rival Jonathan Tasini with the mantra: "We'll see how the campaign develops."

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson repeated it yesterday when asked about the league's looming deadline.

Tasini, who wants troops withdrawn from Iraq immediately, appeared yesterday with two mothers of soldiers in Iraq who called on Clinton to debate. "Her refusal is disrespectful not only to New York voters but to the democratic process," Tasini said.

Hillary doesn't do debates.
Senator Clinton is afraid to debate.
She's the unaccountable U.S. Senator, worried about how she will explain how she is on two sides of every issue.
She's sandwiched between John Tasini on the left and John Spencer on the right -- and she's getting nervous.
Will the real Senator Clinton please stand up?
Is she the liberal-loving, Move-On hugging, Patriot Act-pounding, Bush-bashing, sanction-sabotaging, Lieberman sand-bagging idol of the looney left -- or a mushy mouth moderate with Presidential aspirations planning her victory lap through the cornfields of Iowa and the mountains of New Hampshire?
She will say anything to get elected.
This is certainly not a U.S. Senator for New York.
Hillary Clinton's only concerned with reaching the White House in 2008.
... But will she debate?
View Article  Backing Lamont: Clinton Is "Outrageous"
While Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton does everything to ignore her Democratic primary opponent, Jonathan Tasini, she has sent her political hired spinmaster, Howard Wolfson, to assist anti-war candidate Ned Lamont against fellow U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman.
"Lamont won his nomination based on a single issue - full-throated opposition to the war in Iraq (and, by reasonable extension, the War on Terror itself) - and fueled by activist Web sites.
In contrast - until now - Clinton walked a very fine line on the central policy issue of the moment: She voted for the war and - despite some rhetorical wriggling here and there - has generally stood by her vote.
Until now.

For there can be no denying what she did in overtly embracing the Lamont campaign.

The nation is at war. And Hillary Clinton is giving aid and comfort to the anti-warriors."

The bible of the left, The Nation, reminded its readers about Ned Lamont's background and priorities.

"Ned's great-uncle Corliss was a leading figure in the American Civil Liberties Union and a founder of the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee who successfully sued the Central Intelligence Agency in a groundbreaking challenge to domestic spying--and who would no doubt be proud of the Senate candidate's support of Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold's proposal to censure Bush for authorizing warrantless wiretaps."

According to the left-wing anti-war blog, The Democratic Underground, Feingold, the single most firm opponent of NSA wiretapping, claimed U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman "doesn't get it" when it comes to protecting Americans and taking the fight right to the source of terrorism.

It's Russ Feingold who doesn't get it.

Hillary Clinton doesn't get it either.

According to The Nation (a good source for your marching orders, if you're a liberal), Senator Clinton joined Feingold in weakening the Patriot Act -- and our war on terrorism -- on December 16, 2005.

Feingold was described as leading the effort that "successfully blocked the administration's concerted effort to renew the Patriot Act" and NSA wiretapping was described as one of "its most abusive components."

The Nation boasted:

"Feingold now heads a coalition that should be able to force significant changes in the Patriot Act before the December 31 deadline for its renewal."

That's precisely the point made about Hillary Clinton's vote on 12/16/05 that was described in two of John Spencer's television commercials.

That's the night Senator Harry Reid declared with other Democrats that they had "killed the Patriot Act" -- and even the RNC joined us on highlighting that vote.

Those are the commercials that she labeled as "outrageous" -- when, in fact, the only outrageous thing is her refusal to accept accountability for her actions against the war on terror.

Senator Feingold's statement against NSA wiretapping on February 7, 2006 mirrors Senator Clinton's own political statements on December 16, 2005.