John Spencer warned that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were wrong to campaign against U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman yesterday, as reported by The New York Post.
"I enlisted for Vietnam and served my country when a lot of people wouldn't," said Spencer. "Lieberman is standing up for the war on Iraq and defending Israel when a lot of people, when a lot of people are turning their backs on Israel."
Spencer praised Lieberman for sticking to principle and criticized Senator Clinton for not:
"People are watching the race with Senator Lieberman because he is independent-minded and stands behind our troops," explained Spencer. "Hillary should have the courage to put principle before her presidential aspirations.  I would be proud to endorse Joe Lieberman.  New York needs a Senator, Republican or Democrat, who would stand up for Joe Lieberman -- regardless of party."
Spencer also noted that Senator Lieberman has stood strong against terror, in addition to his active and real support of our troops in Iraq.

MATTHEWS:  Do you agree with me that if he—if Sharpton had a really top quality education, he would have been an amazing figure in American politics? 

MCFARLAND:  I think he already is an amazing figure. 

MATTHEWS:  Don‘t you think?  Beyond what he‘s been able to do?  I think he‘s been held back.  That guy is the smartest...

MCFARLAND:  He is very smart. 

MATTHEWS:  The smartest person we have on this show.  Most times, he stands out intellectually from most people.

Amazing, yes.  Amazing that the liberal media allows him a podium.  Amazing that Democrats do too.  Amazing for someone to be so divisive in this day and age -- and quite frankly, it's amazing that KT McFarland would speak so highly of him.

Mrs. McFarland also said Sharpton is "very smart."

Spencer insisted that Mrs. McFarland should retract her support of Sharpton.

"Al Sharpton is wrong.  We can't show weakness," said Spencer. "If our national security was left to Al Sharpton, Bin Laden would have blown up the rest of New York."

Jeff Jacoby of Capitalism magazine called Sharpton "The Democrat's David Duke."

Slate debated Sharpton's past incendiary "gaffes."

The Jewish Post has documented what they called Sharpton's "anti-semitic and racist broadcasts."

Rod Dreher wrote this in The National Review about Sharpton:

"You will remember the Tawana Brawley hoax he perpetrated, and the defamatory lies he told about prosecutor Steven Pagones, for which Sharpton has never apologized. You will recall his stoking anti-Semitic rhetorical fires during the Jew-bashing Crown Heights riots. And you surely will get a karmic twinkle in your eye considering Wednesday's blaze in light of Sharpton's key 1995 role in creating a climate of racial violence outside Freddy's Fashion Mart, which was owned by a Jew denounced as a "white interloper" by Sharpton; a protester shot four Freddy's employees and set the store on fire, killing seven others."

 Rev. Sharpton, whose past anti-Semitism is well know, has no business going after U.S. Senator Lieberman.

Hillary Clinton has refused to support her fellow Democrat until after the primary. 

Mrs. McFarland comes across to us as an unrepentant Sharpton acolyte.

"Mrs. McFarland should retract her praise and repudiate Rev. Sharpton," stressed Spencer. "Senator Clinton should join me and endorse Senator Lieberman."