"I believe this is the greatest enemy we will ever face. This is the enemy of our generation. It is the challenge of our time. And yet, we tend to play politics with it here in America -- sadly."
No one plays politics more than U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
"We cannot have a nuclear Iran -- we cannot," Santorum said. "There is no option here. A nuclear Iran changes the world forever. The life you lead today is not the life you'll lead a day after Iran gets a nuclear bomb."

He called for tough sanctions, stopping short of threatening a military strike.

Meanwhile, Senator Clinton talks a tough game attacking Iran in the Congressional Record but these are empty resolutions.
The religious and political leaders in Iran don't give a hoot what our U.S. Senators say, especially when Hillary Clinton's actions don't match her rhetoric.
Clinton has laid out the welcome matt to our enemies and is fast becoming the Neville Chamberlain of the War on Terror.  She is playing politics with our national security.
"Resolved, That the Senate (1) thoroughly repudiates the anti-Israel sentiments expressed by the President of Iran , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on October 26, 2005; and (2) calls on the President, on behalf of the United States, to thoroughly repudiate, in the strongest terms possible, the statement by Mr. Ahmadinejad."
"Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), that Congress (1) condemns the many failures of the Government of Iran to comply faithfully with its nuclear nonproliferation obligations, including its obligations under the Safeguards Agreement (as reported by the Director General of the IAEA to the IAEA Board of Governors since 2003), its suspension commitments under the Paris Agreement, and prior commitments to the EU-3 to suspend all enrichment- and reprocessing-related activities."
It all sounds good -- but when it came time to back up her rhetoric with real action, Senator Clinton wimped out.
Clinton voted against tougher sanctions on Iran by opposing denial of access to American capital markets for foreign companies that invest in the Iranian oil industry which finances the Iranian's nuclear weapons program (Roll Call 172, 6/15/06).
Iran will use nuclear weapons when they get them.
Yet, Senator Clinton seems to rule out a preemptive attack to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons before they can be unleashed.
Appealing to the anti-defense left at a Louisville fundraiser, Senator Clinton said, "That means repudiating torture, which undermines America's values.  And that means rejecting the Administrations doctrine of preemptive war" (12/1/05).
Enforcing her liberal ideological purity, Senator Clinton voted four times to deprive our military of Bunker Buster bombs that could be used to destroy Iran’s nuclear sites in a worst case scenario ( Roll Call 189, 5/21/03, Roll Call 349, 9/16/03, Roll Call 113, 6/15/04, Roll Call 171, 7/1/05).

Republican and Conservative designee for U.S. Senate in New York, John Spencer, warned that Senator Clinton weakens U.S. national security:
"If the Iranians smell a phony, Ahmadinejad will use nuclear weapons.  No amount of tough talk without action is going to stop him. He can clearly see Senator Clinton doesn't have the backbone to keep us safe as a Senator, much less Commander in Chief."