Spencer for Senate today released an open letter that John Spencer, the Republican- Conservative candidate for US Senate, sent to Senator Hillary Clinton.

The letter called on Senator Clinton to support tougher sanctions on Iran and to use her influence to persuade former President Jimmy Carter to cancel his meeting with Mohammad Khatami, the former President of Iran.

The full text of the letter can be found below:

Dear Senator Clinton:

Last year, when your campaign collected thousands of dollars from the Iranian-American Political Action Committee, you advocated relaxing visa controls that provided for security checks on Iranian visitors.

This week, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has received a visa so that he may travel in the United States on what amounts to a public relations blitz for a rogue regime of Islamic Fascists. In the course of his travels he plans to visit with former President Jimmy Carter to discuss Iran’s nuclear program and to attend a conference promoting inter-faith dialogue.

Keep in mind that this is the same man who, in 2001, called Israel “a parasite in the heart of the Muslim world’ and in the year 2000 called Israel an “illegal state”. As I’m sure you recall, during Mr. Khatami’s term as president, 13 members of the Jewish community in Iran were arrested on trumped-up charges of espionage and became part of a “show trial” that was reminiscent of events in Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union.

On March 4th of this year, during a speech given in Tehran, Mr. Khatami blamed the West for casting Islam as the “enemy of humanity” and went on to say the West “needs an enemy and this time it is Islam, and Islamophobia becomes a part of all policies of the great powers, of hegemonic powers.”

Am I mistaken, or wasn’t it Islamic Fascists who declared war on America on 9/11?

Your colleague, Senator Rick Santorum, was correct when he said “Mohammed Khatami is one of the chief propagandists of the Islamic Fascist regime.”

On Tuesday of this week Stuart Levey, Under-Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism, called Iran “the central banker of terror.”

Senator Clinton, the purpose of this letter is two-fold. First, as a leader of the Democratic Party and an all but announced candidate for President, please call upon President Carter to cancel his meeting with Mr. Khatami. This man is not a “moderate” nor is he an emissary of peace. It serves no purpose except to offer this despicable anti-Semite an opportunity further perpetrate his con game on the American people. A little over a quarter of a century ago, this same crowd ran rough-shod over President Carter and our nation….If you ask me, they want to do it again!

Secondly, I implore you, for the good of the nation and for the sake of innocent people through-out the Middle East, including the citizens of Israel, to please reverse your stance and support President Bush’s call to place tougher sanctions on Iran. It is the right thing to do for America, and it is the right thing to do for world peace.


John D. Spencer