John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U. S. Senate, today said that  “blind ambition has made Senator Clinton a hypocrite".

Spencer was referring to Senator Clinton’s opposition to increasing the minimum wage and repealing the “death tax” on middle class families.

“Blind ambition has made Hillary Clinton a hypocrite.  Senator Clinton’s sole focus is getting elected President and she will do or say anything to attain that goal," said Spencer.  "Last night she voted on the floor of the Senate against legislation that would have raised the minimum wage by $2.15 per hour and done away with the onerous “death tax” that robs middle class Americans of their rightful inheritance."

The 56 to 42 vote left it four votes short of the super-majority needed to end debate, reflecting the opposition of all but four Democrats.

"That is a vote against hard working New Yorkers and a vote that reeks of political expediency," added Spencer. "Senator Clinton should spend less time positioning herself to run for President and more time doing what is right for New York and the nation.”

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (8/3/06) quoted candidate Clinton as saying the following during her 2000 Senate campaign:

“You ought to be able to leave your land and the bulk of your fortune to your children and not the government."

The Wall Street Journal story (entitled "Death and Democrats") noted that Senator Clinton is one of a dozen Democrats who have  campaigned in the past for reform or repeal of the estate tax, "But somehow when it comes time to be counted, they always find an excuse to vote no."