View Article  Clinton Taxes And Spends Her Way To The Left


On taxpayer issues, Senator Clinton scores only 9 percent on the National Taxpayers Union rating of Congress.

The Cato Institute noted that this included Clinton calling for higher taxes on wealthier Americans, demonstrating her leftist bias against this investor class driving the economy.

In the 108th Congress she introduced 211 bills to increase spending -- more than any other senator -- and only three bills to cut spending.

David Boaz, executive vice president for Cato complained today: "She's still for more taxes, more spending and more regulation."

"Clinton voted for such job-destroying measures as a minimum wage increase and a windfall profits tax. She supports burdensome regulations like expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act, imposing new regulations on the Internet and slashing our use of energy. So maybe it's only fair that she supports increasing unemployment benefits."

John Spencer doesn't share this article's liberal concerns -- or agree that Clinton has found any ideological center -- but it shows her hypocritical pandering.

The Cato Institute further noted that she is too caught up in being everything for everybody to sit in the U.S. Senate.     

"As Clinton moves right, she continues to embrace every big-government nostrum imaginable. As she writes on her Senate Web site, she seeks more money for low-income families, "more resources for child care assistance, greater access to education and training, and health care for people transitioning from welfare to work" and more federal money for farm programs."

Clinton's total spending increases add up to $615 billion.

This is a "tax and spend" liberal with no focus on New York and her eyes only on a national prize.

View Article  Hillary Politicizes Foreign Policy For Her Political Benefit
John Spencer understands that the politicization of foreign policy doesn't help anyone.  When it comes to foreign policy and national defense, Hillary Clinton only understands how to help herself and serve her political ambitions.
America witnessed this self-serving demonstration by Senator Clinton last week when she shamefully attacked Donald Rumsfeld.
On ABC's Good Morning America, ABC senior national correspondent Claire Shipman said that Clinton's words "had a purpose" to "recalibrate things" or to, in the words of The Hotline editor-in-chief Chuck Todd, "move herself a little bit more towards" the "anti-war, anti-Iraq sentiment" contingent within the Democratic Party. On NBC's Today, host Matt Lauer asked if Clinton was "grandstanding," and Newsweek chief political correspondent Howard Fineman responded that the Rumsfeld exchange was an example of an "exquisitely balanced" Clinton "trying hard" to "find the exact middle."
Clinton was politicizing foreign policy, the cardinal sin in Congress.
On MSNBC's Scarborough Country, host Joe Scarborough wondered aloud:
"Is the senator from New York trying to protect our troops or her bid for president?"
Senator Clinton's critique of Rumsfeld was motivated by politics, another wretched game of "triangulation" by this liberal Democrat.
View Article  Hillary Unfavorables Still High; Beaten Blue By Giuliani And McCain
The poll shows her vulnerable against Republicans in New York -- and Al Gore!!!
In prospective 2008 presidential races, Siena found that former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Senator John McCain would both beat either Senator Hillary Clinton or former Vice President Al Gore.
Giuliani beats Clinton 48-42 percent and Gore 48-44 percent.  McCain top Clinton 46-42 percent and Gore 47-44 percent. 
 “Two formidable Republicans have the early edge over two heavyweight Democrats in what has long been seen as one of the ‘bluest’ states in the nation.,” said Steve Greenberg of the Siena Research Institute. “And the fact that Gore does better than Hillary against either Rudy or McCain will certainly put the pressure on New York’s junior senator to try and run up a big victory in her re-election battle this fall.”
Senator Clinton can try but she hasn't been able to widen her margin against Republicans.