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At the NY1 debate this evening, Republican and Conservative U.S. Senate candidate John Spencer demonstrated his poise and experience against KT McFarland.
        "I see liberals ripping this nation apart," declared John Spencer -- in explaining his reasons for running for U.S. Senate.
Spencer found himself discussing his achievements in Yonkers, empathizing with the residents in Upstate cities as a "big city" mayor.
"I can take my experience and identity into those Upstate cities," said Spencer.  "I have the middle class experience on the streets of the fourth largest city in New York."
Spencer discussed with pride the successful economic turnaround in Yonkers, including removing the need for a state control board and delivering needed tax relief to residents and businesses in that city.
The Vietnam veteran re-emphasized his sole priority in challenging Hillary Clinton.
"I don't care about any future political office," explained Spencer. "I'm running for the betterment of New York and the rest of the country."
Spencer took aim at Senator Hillary Clinton, while KT McFarland took aim at Spencer.  In what could only be described as disgraceful and nasty attack upon the former Yonkers Mayor, Spencer held his ground with integrity
Spencer defended his wife, Kathy Spring, and their children, after KT's mean-spirited attacks.
"She should be ashamed and should apologize," said Spencer.
Spencer maintained his composure, emphasizing his wife's professionalism over 22 years in Yonkers City Hall -- where she had already served two other mayors and a city council president.
He also defended his economic record over two terms.  Spencer said he could relate to the problems in Buffalo and Erie County, promising to deliver results to the people of New York State.
On the subject of homeland security, Spencer showed a bit of independence and joined with Congressman Peter King in criticizing the Bush administration for lack of terror funding to New York.
"I'm not in lockstep with the administration," said Spencer. "I serve my constituents first and then the nation."
On the subject of Katrina, Spencer added that "no one did a good job" during that natural disaster.
He aimed his fire at Senator Clinton, predicting that she was only consumed with running for president -- and that she would not serve a full term as U.S. Senator.
"She's being dishonest with her constituency," added Spencer -- and then he publicly asked a question Clinton won't answer. "Are you going to fulfill your six year term or are you running for president?"
Spencer also re-pledged publicly to remain on the ballot through November -- and that he expected to win.
"I won't lose," said Spencer. "Hillary Clinton is ripe to be defeated."
Spencer also asked why McFarland is helping Hillary Clinton by running.
KT  could not answer.
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