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John Spencer with State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno at the Sartoga Racetrack.




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Staten Island Borough President James P. Molinaro gave John Spencer's candidacy a significant boost when the State Conservative leader endorsed the Republican-Conservative U.S. Senate candidate in Tuesday's primary.

Spencer told The Staten Island Advance that he was honored to receive Molinaro's backing:

"It's quite an honor to be on Staten Island and accept such a prominent endorsement from the borough president."

Molinaro praised Spencer's experience, calling him the "true conservative" in the U.S Senate race, and explained why he was happy to endorse him.

"As the former Mayor of Yonkers, John Spencer has first hand knowledge of the problems that face cities across New YorkState. As a decorated combat veteran of Vietnam, John Spencer understands the sacrifices that young Americans are making everyday in the global War on Terror," expressed Molinaro. "As the father of five children, John Spencer will fight for a quality education for all our children and, as a businessman, John Spencer knows that the best way to “grow” the economy is by cutting taxes, reducing spending and relieving entrepreneurs from the burden of unnecessary government  regulations."

Spencer expressed the greatest respect for Molinaro's own experience in government and as a public servant.

"Jim Molinaro is a fighter, who comes to work everyday focused on one thing; doing the best job possible for the people of Staten Island," said Spencer. "He is a no-nonsense, common sense conservative, who understands that the best way to ensure that our city, our state, and our nation flourish, is by embracing the principles that Ronald Reagan championed."

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"...All signs point to a landslide nomination of the conservative candidate, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer."

John Gizzi, Political Editor of the conservative magazine Human Events forecasted a "Big Win" for John Spencer in Tuesday's Republican U.S. Senate Primay:

With four days to go before New York Republicans select a nominee against Sen. Hillary Clinton this fall, all signs point to a landslide nomination of the conservative candidate, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer.

The latest Marist Institute Poll shows Spencer, who carries the dual endorsement of the New York State Conservative Party, leading moderate hopeful KT McFarland by a margin of 38% to 16% among likely GOP voters September 12. In addition, Spencer campaign manager Rob Ryan told me yesterday that “We have radio and TV up statewide for John and our buyer can find no signs of any buys for K.T.” Last month, McFarland campaign consultant Ed Rollins said that his candidate, who worked in the Pentagon during the Reagan Administration, had raised more than $1 million.

Not since 1974, when Conservatives nominated Barbara Keating for the Senate to oppose liberal Republican incumbent Jacob Javits, has a Republican won the Senate seat in the Empire State without the ballot line of the 44-year-old Conservative Party.

Spencer also got a back-handed endorsement from the last Republican senator from New York, Alphonse D’Amato. Appearing on the popular “Wise Guys” political discussion program “Wise Guys” on New York’s Channel One (in which he regularly banters with former Democratic Mayor Ed Koch of New York, D’Amato said any Republican who votes for McFarland in the Tuesday primary “should be ashamed.” He did not elaborate.

Former U.S. Senator Al D'Amato has also predicted on NY1 that John Spencer would "lead the ticket" on Election Day among Republicans.