The following letter obviously has been written with every intention of representing Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as a national candidate for President in 2008.



Dear Friend,

Thank you for your support! Hillary's victory in New York's primary election was an important recognition of her hard work on behalf of the issues and values we care about.

All over New York yesterday, and in several states, Democrats came to the polls to make their choices for our party's nominees. Now we're going to continue to work to get out the vote, in New York and around the country, to help Democrats take back Congress -- as well as reelecting Hillary to the Senate!

There is so much more that all of us can do as we approach Election Day on November 7. We'll be sending you updates about what you can do in the next eight weeks to help us take our country back.

Meanwhile, thank you again for all that you do. Working together, we can make the difference.


Ann F. Lewis
Friends of Hillary



Friends of Hillary was to created to send Senator Clinton to the White House. 

Hillary's staff (including those assisting Ned Lamont against U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman) and finances have become conveniently co-mingled with her national presidential run -- all in preparation for 2008.