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U.S. Senate candidate John Spencer wasted no time after his 63-37 percent victory in the Republican primary to head upstate campaigning.

In Buffalo and again in Rochester, Spencer held press conferences -- challenging Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to debates in those two cities.

During his second press conference in Rochester, after campaign stops around Monroe County and the Finger Lakes region, Spencer proposed debates throughout Western New York.

"I’m asking the media and average citizens to call on Senator Clinton to debate in Rochester," repeated Spencer. "Senator Clinton has a lot to explain about her record: whether the issue is jobs or security, Senator Clinton has failed the people of the region."

Spencer emphasized that law enforcement and the intelligence community must be allowed to do their job to win the war on terror.

"In this age of Terror, much of New York is a prime target and yet, Senator Clinton opposed the Patriot Act and NSA wire-taps," said Spencer. "Senator Clinton doesn’t seem to realize the root cause of terror is terrorists and terrorists were hatching a plot in Lackawanna, New York, a little over an hour from where we stand right now."

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said Thursday that Clinton would be engaging in debates, although he wouldn't say how many of them there would be.

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Clinton camp goes on attack against GOP challenger

AP Political Writer

September 14, 2006, 5:19 PM EDT

ALBANY, N.Y. -- After months of ignoring her Democratic primary opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign came out swinging Thursday against her newly minted Republican challenger.

Howard Wolfson, a top Clinton adviser, said it was clear from what former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer has already said that he is "determined to run a negative, personal campaign against Senator Clinton."

Wolfson's statement came in response to an appearance by Spencer on the all-news New York City cable channel NY1 on Wednesday night in which he said he only ran positive campaigns.

"If comparing Senator Clinton to Osama bin Laden is what John Spencer's `positive' campaign looks like, what do his negative campaigns consist of?" Wolfson said Thursday. "Given John Spencer's history, he probably doesn't consider a campaign negative until he threatens to murder his opponent."

That "murder" reference stems from an infamous video tape of Spencer jokingly suggesting, as he struggled with city budget issues, that perhaps Republican Gov. George Pataki and a federal judge should be killed.

On Tuesday, Clinton easily defeated anti-Iraq war activist Jonathan Tasini in her Democratic primary as Spencer bested Reagan-era Pentagon official Kathleen Troia "KT" McFarland in a GOP Senate primary. Clinton has virtually ignored Tasini during the months leading up to the primary and refused to debate him.

Among other things cited by Wolfson on Thursday that he said showed Spencer was prepared to run a negative campaign was a news release issued by the Republican in July that called Clinton a left-wing, anti-defense liberal."

"Senator Clinton is `a left-wing, anti-defense liberal,"' said Spencer spokesman Rob Ryan when asked about Wolfson's comments. "That's not being negative, it's simply a fact."

"John Spencer wants to have numerous debates so Senator Clinton can personally explain her opposition to the Patriot Act, NSA wiretapping and a host of other issues," Ryan added.

During the primary campaign, Spencer ran ads on cable television pairing Clinton with a photo of Osama bin Laden.

Clinton had termed that ad "outrageous,"

"He'll have to answer for it, but I think it's a terrible injustice," Clinton had said.

Wolfson said Clinton would be engaging in debates, although he wouldn't say Thursday how many of them there will be.

Clinton is far ahead of Spencer in fundraising and in the polls.

There had been speculation in both Republican and Democratic circles that Clinton, with an eye on a possible run for the 2008 Democratic nomination for president, preferred facing the conservative former mayor than running against McFarland. Spencer is a conservative who -- like McFarland, Clinton and many Democratic presidential primary voters -- opposes abortion and gay rights.

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"We need to have a debate right here in Erie County, so that the voters can see where she stands on these and other issues that affect Western New York"


Buffalo, New York -- At a noon news conference at the Erie County Republican Headquarters, John Spencer, the Republican and Conservative nominee for U.S. Senate called for Senator Hillary Clinton to debate him in Buffalo.

Spencer, who handily defeated K.T. McFarland in Tuesday’s GOP Primary, was on a swing through Western New York to thank supporters and to call for debates in major upstate cities. Spencer,

The former Mayor of Yonkers, New York’s fourth largest city, explained how his experience as mayor gives him insight into urban areas across New York.

“I’m in Buffalo today to thank my supporters and the Republican voters in Western New York for casting their vote for a common sense conservative in Tuesday’s primary," said Spencer. "I’m also here to ask the media and the average citizen to call on Senator Clinton to join me in a debate in Buffalo.

Spencer noted that Senator Clinton has a lot to explain about her record; whether the issue is jobs or security.

"Senator Clinton has failed the people of the region," detailed Spencer. "Six years ago Senator Clinton promised to create jobs for upstate New York. It was an empty promise because today, unemployment and lack of economic growth are still a problem. Senator Clinton doesn’t seem to realize that the way you create jobs is by cutting taxes, regulation and creating an environment where a business can grow and flourish."

Spencer warned that Western New York is a prime target and yet, in this age of Terror, Senator Clinton has opposed the Patriot Act and NSA wire-taps.

"She doesn’t seem to realize that the root cause of terror is terrorists and terrorists were hatching a plot right up the road in Lackawanna, New York," added Spencer. "Terrorists don’t play by the rules; they kill and maim innocent people. They must be stopped by any means possible. Law enforcement and the intelligence community must be allowed to do their job if we are to win the War on Terror."

After his visits throughout Buffalo and Erie County, Spencer headed to the city of Rochester for a second press conference and a campaigning in the Finger Lakes region.