U.S. Senate candidate John Spencer wasted no time after his 63-37 percent victory in the Republican primary to head upstate campaigning.

In Buffalo and again in Rochester, Spencer held press conferences -- challenging Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to debates in those two cities.

During his second press conference in Rochester, after campaign stops around Monroe County and the Finger Lakes region, Spencer proposed debates throughout Western New York.

"I’m asking the media and average citizens to call on Senator Clinton to debate in Rochester," repeated Spencer. "Senator Clinton has a lot to explain about her record: whether the issue is jobs or security, Senator Clinton has failed the people of the region."

Spencer emphasized that law enforcement and the intelligence community must be allowed to do their job to win the war on terror.

"In this age of Terror, much of New York is a prime target and yet, Senator Clinton opposed the Patriot Act and NSA wire-taps," said Spencer. "Senator Clinton doesn’t seem to realize the root cause of terror is terrorists and terrorists were hatching a plot in Lackawanna, New York, a little over an hour from where we stand right now."

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said Thursday that Clinton would be engaging in debates, although he wouldn't say how many of them there would be.