John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, today called for Senator Hillary Clinton to publicly defend Pope Benedict’s right to free speech. Spencer’s comments, initially made this morning on Fred Dicker’s radio show on WROW-AM in Albany, were made in reaction to continued attacks on Christian churches, the murder of a nun in Somalia, and calls for the Pope’s “execution” by Islamic Fascists.

John Spencer said:

“Senator Clinton should speak out publicly and denounce the words and actions of Islamic Fascists through-out the world.  She has an obligation, as a United States Senator, to stand up for free speech. Pope Benedict, or a leader of any religion, should have the right to speak their mind without fear of death threats or attacks on places of worship. Pope Benedict is a man of peace.  Free speech should be the cornerstone of any civilized society no matter what religion they follow.  Hardly a day goes by when someone does not make comments that could be viewed as negative about the Catholic or Jewish faiths. Yet, you don’t see rioting; you don’t see religious leaders threatened. It is times like this when the Senator from New York should speak out, but, once again, Senator Clinton is silent.  Is it because of her husband’s connection to Dubai or the fact that key advisors to her campaign are members of a firm that has lobbyists working on behalf of Islamic nations? Before she runs for President she must learn to stand-up for what is right. Senator Clinton needs to speak up now…New Yorkers of all faiths deserve to know where she stands.”