Scott Sala of Urban Elephants noted FOX News host Bill O'Reilly's observations on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton -- and the Art of the Dodge.

"My problem with Senator Clinton is, that she doesn't answer questions," he said.

O'Reilly says he's asked her key questions like, "What would you do in Iraq? What would you do with al Qaeda?"

Currently, he said, she does not give a clear answer for those questions.

"If you don't answer the questions, I am against you," he said.

Sala, who moderates the Republican blog he founded over a year ago, had his own observations on Clinton's "verbal bouncer" Howard Wolfson.

"Our media simply give her way too many passes. It's time they start brandishing a little Fallaci. Pursue her. Brush Wolfson aside. Go to the source. Get the public the answers they deserve. Stop showing up just for prepared speeches. Stop rehashing press releases. Stop parroting Howie."

Tonight, John Spencer's Communications Director, Rob Ryan, faced off against Wolfson on NY1.

However, most observers are waiting for the main bout on this political boxing card between John Spencer and Hillary Rodham Clinton.