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Wouldn't it be nice if all New Yorkers could sit back and watch (or listen to) a U.S. Senate race debate between John Spencer and Hillary Clinton -- at a prime time hour on a broadcast outlet that everyone in the state could access? 

As word spreads that the ever-nationally ambitious Senator Clinton has refused to debate on prime time network affiliates or any national cable news outlets, it's clear that New York's junior U.S. Senator is unprepared (and unwilling) to debate in prime time.

But that's how incumbent-protection works and why campaigns in the United States require such a massive overhaul.

Hillary Clinton thinks she can win by not showing up.

For example:

Clinton has declined or avoided all national, regional or local radio debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided any web broadcast/blog debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided any town hall meetings.

Clinton has declined or avoided any prime time television debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided all New York City based prime time debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided all good government organization debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided debates on CNN, FOX and MSNBC.

Clinton has declined or avoided any prime time debates on network affiliates (ABC, CBS and NBC) for New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Poughkeepsie or Binghamton.

Clinton has declined or voided any debates in Westchester or Long Island.

Clinton has declined or avoided debates on all Sunday morning political programs, including Meet The Press this weekend.

Senator Clinton will have her husband, former President Bill Clinton, appear on Meet The Press this Sunday as an obvious political surrogate -- filling a spot that undoubtedly would have been the Spencer/Clinton debate on Meet The Press this weekend.


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WMCA call-radio talk show host and nationally-renowned conservative blogger, Kevin McCullough, has called on New Yorkers and American citizens everywhere to register a protest against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's unwillingness to debate on prime time television against her Republican opponent John Spencer.

McCullough made his own protest known today on the air when he interviewed John Spencer's Communication Director, Rob Ryan, in a discussion that was also moderated by Mary Catherine Ham.

If the most important thing in a free and democratic society is to be able to hear from the candidates who are seeking your vote so that you can make the most informed choice possible, isn't then incumbent upon the candidates to allow you to see their ideas side by side?

Is there a more democratic act that can be done than to allow the give and take of freely formed - but opposing ideas to be judged by the merits of the voters who will vote for them?
Hillary doesn't much believe so. Only willing to do two debates - on the very low rated cable channel NY1. Why can't she allow all New Yorkers - one's with satellite service, and broadcast only reception to be able to hear her ideas?

After all if she is so far ahead that there's "no way she can lose," what's the problem?
John Spencer is a good man, and he ran a nearly all democratic town from bankruptcy to prosperity - as a Republican, and he has the backing of both the GOP and Conservative parties in the state of New York.

What's Hillary afraid of?


Please contact Senator Clinton's office today; E-mail, call, fax or tell in person that New York deserves more sunlight on this U.S. Senate race -- and certainly prime time debates.

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Only two debates in New York's U.S. Senate race?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign has agreed to just two debates; Friday, October 20th on NY1 from Rochester and early Sunday morning, October 22nd at 9:00 am on WABC-7 in New York City -- to be broadcast statewide on other WABC affiliates.

The Albany Times Union blog, Capitol Confidential noted that NY1 will hold to the newly held "money requirement" rule of $500,000 -- and leaves the Green Party candidate off the podium.

"This means calls from Raplh Nader and Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Howie Hawkins to include all six candidates in any debates will not be heeded. NY1 has adopted what one might call the Tasini standard for debates - in order to particpate, candidates need to have raised at least $500,000 and be polling at five percent."

The New York Observer's blog, THE POLITICKER, reported on the prospective debates and the warm-up debate between campaign staffers last night.

"On one hand, it'll put Spencer within camera-shot of the country's biggest political star, giving him a level of exposure he has never enjoyed before and may well never experience again.

But the fact that Hillary has agreed to a debate -- Clinton's office says that other possible debate dates have yet to be determined -- reduces Spencer's 'she won't debate me' argument to a 'she won't debate me enough' argument."

Hillary Clinton, afraid to debate?

The Journal News reported yesterday an analysis that truly made it sound as if Senator Clinton is in the fight of her life -- and facing a political Rocky Balboa.

The headline read:

Clinton campaign aims to squash foe

"They want to take this guy out," said Doug Muzzio, a political science professor at Baruch College in Manhattan. "They want to come out of this general election with momentum. They want to bury this guy. They want devastation. They want a total blowout."

But it's Clinton who seems timid right now and clearly unable (or unwilling) to get into the ring with John Spencer to fashion that supposed knockout punch.

The typical incumbent protection plan has the incumbent avoiding any debates with a challenger, especially prime time debates that might spoil this ever-ambitious U.S. Senator's Presidential party.

By broadcast standards, neither are ideal prime time spots nor has any promise been put forth by the Clinton camp that there will be anymore debates.  They're giving John Spencer the impression that this is it.  Clinton spokesperson Howard Wolfson told Spencer Communications Director Rob Ryan off camera last night (during their verbal slugfest on NY1) that these two debates would be it.

That statement has already roused intense protest from New York residents -- who once again feel as though Senator Clinton is dodging debates.

WMCA call-in radio talk show host and conservative blogger, Kevin McCullough, asked on his "Musclehead Revolution" Town Hall website:


Could it be that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not ready for prime time?