John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, today chided Senator Hillary Clinton for campaigning for President in Maryland, while having no time to debate the issues in New York.

Spencer, the former Mayor of Yonkers (NY) said:

“Senator Clinton is running for President, while she runs away from debates in New York State."

Clinton formerly of Little Rock (AK) and Washington (DC) has been offered numerous opportunities to debate John Spencer, but to date, has only agreed to two debates in mid-October.  Clinton is scheduled to appear tonight at a fundraiser for Democratic candidates to be held tonight in Maryland.

John Spencer said:

“Senator Clinton really is the Arkansas Traveler.  She’s back on the campaign trail, picking up chits for her run for President.  Senator Clinton is running for President while she runs away from debates in New York State.  Senator Clinton needs to agree to more debates so she can explain to the voters whether she plans run for President or work in Washington as the Senator from New York.  New Yorkers deserve numerous debates in every region of the State, not just on cable TV or at 9:00 am on a Sunday morning, when no one is watching TV.  Senator Clinton needs to be held accountable for opposing the Patriot Act, opposing stronger sanctions against Iran and attempting to block NSA wiretaps used in the War on Terror.  She also needs to explain the relationship she and her husband have with the government of Dubai and with the Glover Park Group.  The people want answers to these questions and Senator Clinton should answer them in public forums.”