John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, today called on Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband to “stop the theatrics and come clean with the American people”.

Spencer was referring to the former President’s finger wagging during an interview with Chris Wallace of FOX NEWS and Senator Clinton’s comments on Tuesday.

John Spencer said:

“Once again President Clinton is wagging his finger with righteous indignation and once again Hillary Clinton is rushing to his defense. This act is getting old and the American people realize it. The time has come to stop the theatrics and come clean with the American people. President Clinton had 8 years to wage a war on terror and he’s right; he failed. Prior to 9/11 President Bush had 8 months and during those 8 months he was dealing with intelligence services and a military that were demoralized and under-funded by 8 years of the Clinton rule.

President Clinton had opportunities to deal with Osama bin Laden in both Sudan and Afghanistan and he squandered those chances. Senator Clinton has opposed NSA wiretaps and the Patriot Act. She has attacked the actions of our military and the intentions of our Secretary of Defense. All this, in a cynical attempt to return the Clinton name to the White House. If the Clintons truly want to defeat Terror, they should back our President, not attack him.”