Re: Re: Re: Re: Clinton Doesn't Explain Vote Against Military Trials
by Anonymous
well, why strive to use them instead of following our currently established judicial system? because they would have more rights, most specifically to appeal poorly rendered decisions. and, considering recent history in this country, poor decisions are a guarantee. it's not "liberty and justice for all americans", but "libery and justice for all". period. the founding fathers said we don't get to pick and chose who gets justice. johnny-boy doesn't want the terrorists to get justice, he wants to hand the power to decide their fate entirely over to his fearful leader. he wants to subvert the american system and combine the judicial and executive branches in to one, just as they've done with the legislative. therefore, johnny-boy, the other 'pubs, and their fearful leader are anti-american. and, if you vote for them, you're're either with us or against us.
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