Re: Re: Clinton "Aiding" Al Qaeda
by Anonymous
"yeah, 'cause all of the generals who've pointed out rumsfeld's constant failings couldn't possibly be american either." No, they're just the only 5 only soldiers of note (out of the entire U.S. military) who the DNC and could get to speak up. " i realize you have to tow the party line, johnny-boy, but when it comes to the lives of americans could you try growing a pair and thinking for yourself?" Why this blog mod lets a foul-mouth loser like you on here is anyone's guess, unless its to remind smart Americans that your infantile grammar reflects well with your idiotic support for the arch Kerrorist, Hillary Clinton. Or is she too far to the RIGHT for a moon-bat like you? "otherwise, you'll have foley all over your ass. pun intended." There you go again, with the garbage mouth. Guess the stench from Ted Kennedy, Mel Reynolds, Barney Frank, Mcgreevey and Clinton wasn't enough for you dems.
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