Re: Re: Re: Clinton "Aiding" Al Qaeda
by Anonymous
"No, they're just the only 5 only soldiers of note (out of the entire U.S. military) who the DNC and could get to speak up." nice try, but it's been more than 5 at that level alone. that doesn't include all of the soldiers over there who don't believe we fighting this war properly either. these are people who are familiar with the business of war, and their opinions matter. you don't become a general who reports directly to the minister of defense without having some idea of what you're talking about. on the other hand, you can become minister of defense by just being drinking buddies with "the big man". if you'd listen to them, you'd see they're not against the war, just against the way it's being faught. if dubya and rumsey knew what they were doing, the war would most likely be over by now. but, they don't and now iraq's on the brink of civil war which is only going to escalate the situation. you can try to defend them all you like, but the facts speak for themselves. "Why this blog mod lets a foul-mouth loser like you on here is anyone's guess, unless its to remind smart Americans that your infantile grammar reflects well with your idiotic support for the arch Kerrorist, Hillary Clinton. Or is she too far to the RIGHT for a moon-bat like you?" i'm foul-mouthed? you're talking about taking away my freedom of speech and *I* am foul-mouthed? please, now you're really starting to sound like a nationalist party member, mein herr. "There you go again, with the garbage mouth. Guess the stench from Ted Kennedy, Mel Reynolds, Barney Frank, Mcgreevey and Clinton wasn't enough for you dems." again, i ain't a dem. i'm voting for the lesser of two evils in this campaign, just like a good american should. we don't have the luxury of voting for someone, only against. were there a third candidate who i thought had a chance of beating either of them, i would take it. unlike you, i don't think in red and blue. i think in red, white and blue. as for my foul mouth, i didn't start it. foley did. frank and mcgreevy, they're gay, so what? oh, that's right, you forget we have separation of church and state in this country. well, i'll let you in on a clue you 'pubs forget: not everyone in this country is christian, some of us have brains. it's ok to be gay, it's not ok to solicit young boys. it's not ok to have extramarital affairs, but both sides are just as guilty as the other in that respect. frankly, though, i'd have no trouble voting for an adulterer if my other choice was a self-hating, repressed, hypocritical pedophile. i don't like what clinton did, i don't like what any of them did (although i still don't buy into the urban myth about kennedy, to be honest). but, when i weigh the bad things done by some dems against the atrocity and evils commited on a daily and regular basis by the 'pubs....i'm out. and then to cover it all up...that's the ultimate evil. clinton covered up his own messes (which, btw, were between consenting hetero adults), how many people besides hastert and reynolds knew about foley and actively worked to bury it? it's no surprise, really. they send our boys over to the desert understaffed, under protected and under provisioned. why should we expect them to care when one of their own tries to molest some?
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