Re: Clinton: To Build Or Not To Build A Wall
by Anonymous
really, the question is: how stupid do you have to be to buy this crap? an intelligent person reading the above article will not ask themselves "why would she vote differently two days in a row on the same bill?". an intelligent person would ask "why would she vote on the same bill two days in a row at all?" the answer: she wouldn't. specifically, on september 28th, the senate voted "On the Cloture Motion (Motion to Invoke Cloture on H.R. 6061 )" what's that mean? it means to bring discussion of the topic to an immediate end. hillary voted nay on that: on september 29th, the senate actually voted on the bill. in that instance, hillary voted yay: now, i can't tell you why hillary voted against ending the discussion of the bill. perhaps she had a problem with some rider the 'pubs wanted to attach. perhaps it went through committee and came out the other side nothing like what it went in as. perhaps she had some other reason. who knows? who cares? i don't. this isn't a political move on johnny boy's part, this is an out and out lie and it's the type of bull we should not be putting up with from our government. these ideological battles need to end, and end NOW. you might not like hillary, i know i don't, but i DESPISE politicians like spencer and the rest of the 'pubs even more. she doesn't think you're an imbecile who will swallow every untruth they can spew. how stupid are you?
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