Re: Re: Re: Clinton: To Build Or Not To Build A Wall
by Anonymous
oops, 'fraid you've gotten yourself caught up in your parties lies again...not the facts. first, let me start correcting you about me: i don't support hillary, i've said it many times. i hate the fact that i have to cast a vote in her favor in november. but, unfortunately, these two parties have everyone convinced that they're the only ones and you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. considering the taliban-esque way the 'pubs are heading, a nuclear north korea is easily the lesser of two evils. a nuclear IRAN would be the lesser of two evils. i'm not voting FOR hillary, i'm voting AGAINST this idiot. and, how happy a day will that be... now, on to north korea. um, no, that's your fearful leader's fault. funny how they only really started to put effort into those nukes once dubya came on board, isn't it? under clinton, they kept their weaponry standard. heck, they even gave dubya a chance for a non-nuclear north korea in september of last year when they signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. a couple of days later, against the advice of everyone who knows better, dubya forced the treasury department to impose absurd sactions on them in an attempt to drive out il. didn't work, did it? only made them madder, didn't it? funny how they didn't get madder and madder under clinton, only bush. wonder why that is? perhaps it's becase people don't like having unstable neighbors like the 'pubs are turning us in to. we used to be the voice of reason in a sea of insanity, now we're just like all of the other extremist nations in the world. it's time it stopped. you'd think he could figure that out now that we have to live with a nuclear north korea. what's dubya gonna do now? bomb 'em and have to deal with retaliations from china? it wouldn't surprise me if that happened and if you vote for this idiot, it WILL happen.
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