Re: Clinton Leaves Armed Forces Unprotected -- Cuts Defense Plant Funding
by Anonymous
perhaps because you're a lying sack? according to the senate record, there was no such vote on july 17th. there was a vote on "H.R. 2658 As Amended; Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2004", however it can't be that one as hillary voted yea on that. perhaps you've got your facts wrong? that seems to be a problem with the 'pubs these days...too many facts to keep track of. perhaps it's the same vote that occured on april 2nd in which an attempt was made to appropriate just over $1 billlion for unspecified equipment. this is the one the 'pubs like to cite as the "dems wanna kill our troops one". problem is, the bill to be voted on makes no mention of body armor. when the sponsor (a dem, btw) was called on the carpet, she listed "skin reduction exposure paste," "mobile chemical agent detectors," and "collective shelters" for chemical attacks as a partial equipment list, but no mention of body armor was made. no other senator mentioned body armor in relation to that bill and it was voted down entirely on party lines (see, dems aren't the only ones incapable of grasping concepts outside their ideologies, are they?) so, who wants to take the bet that this post is ignored by the spencer camp? i have no doubt that these facts will go unrefuted by them because they have no facts with which to do so with. c'mon, boys, i'm waiting! lemme hear the truth!!!
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