Re: Spencer Calls On Clinton To Explain Opposition To Bunker Busters
by Anonymous
that's odd. the only vote i can find on that day relating to such weapons in which 56 senators voted in favor of it is 00189 which is listed as a motion to table an amendment to another bill "to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2004 for military activities of the Department of Defense" yada yada. do we know WHY clinton voted against a motion to table an ammendment? pehaps, she wanted further discussion of the issues. for example, production has been halted many times on these bombs because the people at the plant where they're made have been poisoned by radiation. each time they close it down, they claim to have fixed the problem. yet every time they test the employees, they find they're sick. you wouldn't want to endanger some blue-collars just to get your bombs, would you johnny-boy? regardless of your callous attitude towards the working class, she voted against a motion to table, not the actual amendment. perhaps you should explain why you feel it necessary to exploit the ignorance of the american populace in order to gain political power. you know most people don't know how to find this kind of information that busts the bunkers of your lies...ok, i admit that was pretty lame...but i do, so keep postin' 'em, johnny. i'm here for you!
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