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The Glover Park Group

"...It underscores the awkwardness of Clinton's political kitchen cabinet being housed inside a firm that features one of Washington's most aggressive and fast-growing lobbying operations."


Clinton aides had hand in Dubai deal


Newsday Washington Bureau
September 14, 2006

WASHINGTON -- In the spring, when Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was denouncing the Dubai Ports World deal, a consulting firm run by her top advisers was quietly lobbying for a Dubai takeover of two U.S. defense plants, Newsday has learned.

The Glover Park Group, whose principals include Clinton insiders Howard Wolfson, Joe Lockhart and Gigi Georges, was paid about $100,000 to help the government-owned Dubai International Capital Corp. in its acquisition of the British engineering firm Doncasters Group Ltd.

The four-month lobbying effort apparently didn't include any contact with Clinton's office. "They [Glover Park] didn't have contact with us on either" of the Dubai deals, said Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines.

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John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, today called on Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband to “stop the theatrics and come clean with the American people”.

Spencer was referring to the former President’s finger wagging during an interview with Chris Wallace of FOX NEWS and Senator Clinton’s comments on Tuesday.

John Spencer said:

“Once again President Clinton is wagging his finger with righteous indignation and once again Hillary Clinton is rushing to his defense. This act is getting old and the American people realize it. The time has come to stop the theatrics and come clean with the American people. President Clinton had 8 years to wage a war on terror and he’s right; he failed. Prior to 9/11 President Bush had 8 months and during those 8 months he was dealing with intelligence services and a military that were demoralized and under-funded by 8 years of the Clinton rule.

President Clinton had opportunities to deal with Osama bin Laden in both Sudan and Afghanistan and he squandered those chances. Senator Clinton has opposed NSA wiretaps and the Patriot Act. She has attacked the actions of our military and the intentions of our Secretary of Defense. All this, in a cynical attempt to return the Clinton name to the White House. If the Clintons truly want to defeat Terror, they should back our President, not attack him.”

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John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, today chided Senator Hillary Clinton for campaigning for President in Maryland, while having no time to debate the issues in New York.

Spencer, the former Mayor of Yonkers (NY) said:

“Senator Clinton is running for President, while she runs away from debates in New York State."

Clinton formerly of Little Rock (AK) and Washington (DC) has been offered numerous opportunities to debate John Spencer, but to date, has only agreed to two debates in mid-October.  Clinton is scheduled to appear tonight at a fundraiser for Democratic candidates to be held tonight in Maryland.

John Spencer said:

“Senator Clinton really is the Arkansas Traveler.  She’s back on the campaign trail, picking up chits for her run for President.  Senator Clinton is running for President while she runs away from debates in New York State.  Senator Clinton needs to agree to more debates so she can explain to the voters whether she plans run for President or work in Washington as the Senator from New York.  New Yorkers deserve numerous debates in every region of the State, not just on cable TV or at 9:00 am on a Sunday morning, when no one is watching TV.  Senator Clinton needs to be held accountable for opposing the Patriot Act, opposing stronger sanctions against Iran and attempting to block NSA wiretaps used in the War on Terror.  She also needs to explain the relationship she and her husband have with the government of Dubai and with the Glover Park Group.  The people want answers to these questions and Senator Clinton should answer them in public forums.”

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Wouldn't it be nice if all New Yorkers could sit back and watch (or listen to) a U.S. Senate race debate between John Spencer and Hillary Clinton -- at a prime time hour on a broadcast outlet that everyone in the state could access? 

As word spreads that the ever-nationally ambitious Senator Clinton has refused to debate on prime time network affiliates or any national cable news outlets, it's clear that New York's junior U.S. Senator is unprepared (and unwilling) to debate in prime time.

But that's how incumbent-protection works and why campaigns in the United States require such a massive overhaul.

Hillary Clinton thinks she can win by not showing up.

For example:

Clinton has declined or avoided all national, regional or local radio debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided any web broadcast/blog debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided any town hall meetings.

Clinton has declined or avoided any prime time television debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided all New York City based prime time debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided all good government organization debates.

Clinton has declined or avoided debates on CNN, FOX and MSNBC.

Clinton has declined or avoided any prime time debates on network affiliates (ABC, CBS and NBC) for New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Poughkeepsie or Binghamton.

Clinton has declined or voided any debates in Westchester or Long Island.

Clinton has declined or avoided debates on all Sunday morning political programs, including Meet The Press this weekend.

Senator Clinton will have her husband, former President Bill Clinton, appear on Meet The Press this Sunday as an obvious political surrogate -- filling a spot that undoubtedly would have been the Spencer/Clinton debate on Meet The Press this weekend.


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WMCA call-radio talk show host and nationally-renowned conservative blogger, Kevin McCullough, has called on New Yorkers and American citizens everywhere to register a protest against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's unwillingness to debate on prime time television against her Republican opponent John Spencer.

McCullough made his own protest known today on the air when he interviewed John Spencer's Communication Director, Rob Ryan, in a discussion that was also moderated by Mary Catherine Ham.

If the most important thing in a free and democratic society is to be able to hear from the candidates who are seeking your vote so that you can make the most informed choice possible, isn't then incumbent upon the candidates to allow you to see their ideas side by side?

Is there a more democratic act that can be done than to allow the give and take of freely formed - but opposing ideas to be judged by the merits of the voters who will vote for them?
Hillary doesn't much believe so. Only willing to do two debates - on the very low rated cable channel NY1. Why can't she allow all New Yorkers - one's with satellite service, and broadcast only reception to be able to hear her ideas?

After all if she is so far ahead that there's "no way she can lose," what's the problem?
John Spencer is a good man, and he ran a nearly all democratic town from bankruptcy to prosperity - as a Republican, and he has the backing of both the GOP and Conservative parties in the state of New York.

What's Hillary afraid of?


Please contact Senator Clinton's office today; E-mail, call, fax or tell in person that New York deserves more sunlight on this U.S. Senate race -- and certainly prime time debates.

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Only two debates in New York's U.S. Senate race?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign has agreed to just two debates; Friday, October 20th on NY1 from Rochester and early Sunday morning, October 22nd at 9:00 am on WABC-7 in New York City -- to be broadcast statewide on other WABC affiliates.

The Albany Times Union blog, Capitol Confidential noted that NY1 will hold to the newly held "money requirement" rule of $500,000 -- and leaves the Green Party candidate off the podium.

"This means calls from Raplh Nader and Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Howie Hawkins to include all six candidates in any debates will not be heeded. NY1 has adopted what one might call the Tasini standard for debates - in order to particpate, candidates need to have raised at least $500,000 and be polling at five percent."

The New York Observer's blog, THE POLITICKER, reported on the prospective debates and the warm-up debate between campaign staffers last night.

"On one hand, it'll put Spencer within camera-shot of the country's biggest political star, giving him a level of exposure he has never enjoyed before and may well never experience again.

But the fact that Hillary has agreed to a debate -- Clinton's office says that other possible debate dates have yet to be determined -- reduces Spencer's 'she won't debate me' argument to a 'she won't debate me enough' argument."

Hillary Clinton, afraid to debate?

The Journal News reported yesterday an analysis that truly made it sound as if Senator Clinton is in the fight of her life -- and facing a political Rocky Balboa.

The headline read:

Clinton campaign aims to squash foe

"They want to take this guy out," said Doug Muzzio, a political science professor at Baruch College in Manhattan. "They want to come out of this general election with momentum. They want to bury this guy. They want devastation. They want a total blowout."

But it's Clinton who seems timid right now and clearly unable (or unwilling) to get into the ring with John Spencer to fashion that supposed knockout punch.

The typical incumbent protection plan has the incumbent avoiding any debates with a challenger, especially prime time debates that might spoil this ever-ambitious U.S. Senator's Presidential party.

By broadcast standards, neither are ideal prime time spots nor has any promise been put forth by the Clinton camp that there will be anymore debates.  They're giving John Spencer the impression that this is it.  Clinton spokesperson Howard Wolfson told Spencer Communications Director Rob Ryan off camera last night (during their verbal slugfest on NY1) that these two debates would be it.

That statement has already roused intense protest from New York residents -- who once again feel as though Senator Clinton is dodging debates.

WMCA call-in radio talk show host and conservative blogger, Kevin McCullough, asked on his "Musclehead Revolution" Town Hall website:


Could it be that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not ready for prime time?

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Scott Sala of Urban Elephants noted FOX News host Bill O'Reilly's observations on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton -- and the Art of the Dodge.

"My problem with Senator Clinton is, that she doesn't answer questions," he said.

O'Reilly says he's asked her key questions like, "What would you do in Iraq? What would you do with al Qaeda?"

Currently, he said, she does not give a clear answer for those questions.

"If you don't answer the questions, I am against you," he said.

Sala, who moderates the Republican blog he founded over a year ago, had his own observations on Clinton's "verbal bouncer" Howard Wolfson.

"Our media simply give her way too many passes. It's time they start brandishing a little Fallaci. Pursue her. Brush Wolfson aside. Go to the source. Get the public the answers they deserve. Stop showing up just for prepared speeches. Stop rehashing press releases. Stop parroting Howie."

Tonight, John Spencer's Communications Director, Rob Ryan, faced off against Wolfson on NY1.

However, most observers are waiting for the main bout on this political boxing card between John Spencer and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  

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Glover Park Lobbyists

"...It underscores the awkwardness of Clinton's political kitchen cabinet being housed inside a firm that features one of Washington's most aggressive and fast-growing lobbying operations."



Clinton aides had hand in Dubai deal

Clinton advisers' outside lobbying work for firm to take over defense plants accents their awkward position,0,4200190.story?coll=ny-leadnationalnews-headlines


Newsday Washington Bureau
September 14, 2006

WASHINGTON -- In the spring, when Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was denouncing the Dubai Ports World deal, a consulting firm run by her top advisers was quietly lobbying for a Dubai takeover of two U.S. defense plants, Newsday has learned.

The Glover Park Group, whose principals include Clinton insiders Howard Wolfson, Joe Lockhart and Gigi Georges, was paid about $100,000 to help the government-owned Dubai International Capital Corp. in its acquisition of the British engineering firm Doncasters Group Ltd.

The four-month lobbying effort apparently didn't include any contact with Clinton's office. "They [Glover Park] didn't have contact with us on either" of the Dubai deals, said Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines.

But it underscores the awkwardness of Clinton's political kitchen cabinet being housed inside a firm that features one of Washington's most aggressive and fast-growing lobbying operations.

Clinton and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who helped to sink the takeover of port operations by a Dubai company, supported the Doncasters acquisition, saying it didn't pose nearly as significant a security threat.

Glover Park's contract with Dubai was channeled through the Los Angeles law office of Raj Tanden, the brother of longtime Hillary Clinton policy adviser Neera Tanden, according to people familiar with the situation.

Raj Tanden, who represented the emirate's royal family in its 2005 acquisition of $1 billion in U.S. real estate holdings, declined to comment. His sister didn't return a message left at her office yesterday.

Neera Tanden served as a congressional liaison for Bill Clinton before moving on to become a key Hillary Clinton campaign aide and the senator's legislative director.

The Doncasters takeover was much less controversial than the ports deal, mainly because Dubai officials submitted to a full review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. The Bush administration infuriated Congress by forgoing a review for the ports takeover, provoking a powerful bipartisan backlash that doomed the deal.

Doncasters, which makes tank and aircraft turbines in its Connecticut and Georgia plants, was approved by the government foreign investment committee in May. Some critics, including Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.), argued that Mideast officials shouldn't be allowed to control factories used by defense contractors.

Considering the firestorm that surrounded the Dubai Ports World proposal, it's surprising that the controversy-allergic Clinton team agreed to lobby for Dubai at all.

The contract was signed April 13, only a month after the ports deal went down in flames over concerns the emirate was a breeding ground for some of the Sept. 11 hijackers.

It also came on the heels of columnist Robert Novak's report that Bill Clinton unsuccessfully urged Dubai officials to hire Glover partner Lockhart as their spokesman. A Clinton spokesman didn't deny the account.

Glover Park's lobbying team, led by former Clinton White House staffer Joel Johnson, met with Schumer's staff, House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King (R-Seaford) and Senate Democrats, including Carl Levin of Michigan.

Johnson said his goal was to assure skeptical legislators that Doncasters was no reprise of the ports debacle.

"We wanted to ... respond to any concern in order to assure members that this was consistent with our national security interests," he said.



Who was involved

The Glover Park Group - known as the "White House in Exile" - was founded five years ago by a group of top advisers to Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton, including former White House communications director Joe Lockhart and key Hillary Clinton advisers Gigi Georges and Howard Wolfson, who don't engage in lobbying but are apprised of the firm's lobbying efforts


Staff who lobbied on behalf of Dubai:

Joel Johnson: former senior adviser for policy and communications, Clinton White House.

Susan Brophy: former deputy director of legislative affairs, Clinton White House. Married to Gerald McGowan, Clinton's ambassador to Portugal.

Brett O'Brien: foreign policy adviser to former Senate Democratic Majority Leader George Mitchell.

- U.S. Senate lobbying reports/Glover Park Group Web site


View Article  Clinton and Dubai: Glover Park Lobbying Nets $100,000

Columnist and former Clinton political surrogate Dick Morris and Eileen McGann detailed today -- in The New York Post -- what could be millions of dollars in conflicted lobbying dollars from the emir of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The column is partly drawn from an Associated Press story that ran last week in Newsday.

From today's New York Post (9/21/06):

Emir's a Gusher For Bill and Hillary

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

With each new disclosure, Bill and Hillary Clinton's connection between the emir of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, seems ever more intimate.

Last February, Sen. Clinton was out front in condemning DP World, a Dubai government owned company seeking to take over key operations at American ports.  But, at the same time, Bill was advising the emir to hire his former press secretary, Joe Lockhart, to get the deal approved.

Back then, Lockhart denied working for the emir.  And when Bill's role became public, Hillary claimed that she had no idea that he had any involvement in DP World issue.

Now, it turns out that the emir's Dubai International Capital Corp. hired Lockhart's company, Glover Park group, by last April to help with another U.S. deal -- a takeover of two defense firms (Besides Lockhart, Glover Park's partners also include Hillary's chief political gurus, Howard Wolfson and Gigi Georges.  Dubai paid the firm $100,000 for its services.)

Oddly, the lobbying came through a California law firm -- Morrison, Foerster.  One of that firm's partners is Raj Tanden -- whose sister is Neera Tanden, Sen. Clinton's former legislative director and still a top Hillary advisor.

No six degrees of separation here.

Did Hillary know about the lucrative lobbying contract that her husband's patron and friend, the emir, gave (via her aide's brother's law firm) to her chief campaign consultants?

Did her own top consultants tell her about their Dubai deal?  Did they ask her permission?  We don't know.

Hillary's office claims that Glover Park never lobbied her on either Dubai issue.  But Newsday reports that it did contact other New York critics of the port deal:  Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Peter King.  Why wouldn't they contact Sen. Clinton, too, given her objections?  Maybe they don't have to because Bill delivers on those issues at home.

The relationship between the Clintons and the emir has long been too close to avoid scrutiny.

Something is driving up Bill and Hillary's net worth pretty dramatically.  In 2003, Sen. Clinton disclosed assets of at least $352,000 but less than $3.8 million.  By 2005, she was declaring assets in the $10 million to $50 million rane.

What caused the jump?  It might have been Dubai.

* Clinton is a top advisor to Yucaipa, an investment company run by billionaire Ron Burkle, which, through a subsidiary, got to manage the emir's investment portfolio shortly after Clinton joined the firm.

* Clinton gets a flat fee from Yucaipa and a share of the profits on the foreign investment fund it manages.  (Hillary's Senate disclosure form notes only that Bill gets more than a $1,000 a year in compensation from this.)

* The emir gave an undisclosed donation to the Clinton Presidential Library -- but it must have been hefty:  The library set up a Clinton Scholars program for young people from the Arab nation, the only such program it runs.

* Bill Clinton has twice given speeches in Dubai for close to $500,000.

The close ties to the emir may cause problems for the Clintons.  The sheik turns out to be not such a nice guy.  Just last week, a group of parents filed a class action lawsuit against him and his brother in federal court in Miami, claiming that they conspired in a scheme that "abducted and trafficked thousands of small boys from South Asia and Africa to the United Arab Emirates and other Arab states and enslaved them to work as camel jockeys, camel trainers and camel tenders."

The suit says that "boys as young as two years old were stolen from their parents, trafficked to foreign lands, and put under the watch of brutal overseers in camel camps throughout the region."

It's time for the financial relationship between the Clintons and the emir to be fully disclosed.  There are too many questions and conflicts here that need to be sorted out.


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John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, today called for Senator Hillary Clinton to publicly defend Pope Benedict’s right to free speech. Spencer’s comments, initially made this morning on Fred Dicker’s radio show on WROW-AM in Albany, were made in reaction to continued attacks on Christian churches, the murder of a nun in Somalia, and calls for the Pope’s “execution” by Islamic Fascists.

John Spencer said:

“Senator Clinton should speak out publicly and denounce the words and actions of Islamic Fascists through-out the world.  She has an obligation, as a United States Senator, to stand up for free speech. Pope Benedict, or a leader of any religion, should have the right to speak their mind without fear of death threats or attacks on places of worship. Pope Benedict is a man of peace.  Free speech should be the cornerstone of any civilized society no matter what religion they follow.  Hardly a day goes by when someone does not make comments that could be viewed as negative about the Catholic or Jewish faiths. Yet, you don’t see rioting; you don’t see religious leaders threatened. It is times like this when the Senator from New York should speak out, but, once again, Senator Clinton is silent.  Is it because of her husband’s connection to Dubai or the fact that key advisors to her campaign are members of a firm that has lobbyists working on behalf of Islamic nations? Before she runs for President she must learn to stand-up for what is right. Senator Clinton needs to speak up now…New Yorkers of all faiths deserve to know where she stands.”

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Spencer for Senate today released a third letter to Howard Wolfson regarding its effort to confirm the times and locations of a series of debates in this years contest for the United States Senate.  The full text of the letter is below.

Mr. Howard Wolfson
Friends of Hillary
420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 350
New York, NY 10170
September 21, 2006

Dear Howard:

From reports circulating on the blogs, it appears as if you received my letter.  I hope it found you in good health.

I do have to say that I was rather surprised by the tone of your response.  Your press releases last week almost had me convinced that we were the ones running a negative campaign.

Your recent words set me straight.  Your rant about Mayor Spencer on The New York Observer’s blog THE POLITICKER was a text book example of going negative. Your comments were chock full of half truths and innuendoes.  Your motives were obvious; the Clinton campaign is attempting to marginalize John Spencer as a less than serious candidate. Throwing mud won’t work.  The voters are smarter than that.

Senator Clinton knows that John Spencer is a serious candidate, just like she knows he was a great Mayor.  When he was Mayor of Yonkers, Senator Clinton met with John Spencer twice.  One time was in his office at City Hall.  It was a congenial meeting that lasted well over an hour.  John Spencer remembers it well.  He also remembers how later that day, Senator Clinton praised him for doing a good job as mayor when she spoke at the Nepperhan Community Center.

Howard, why don’t you stop the name calling and the gutter politics and simply tell us how many times Senator Clinton will debate?  We know you would rather “run down the clock” but -- the people of New York deserve numerous debates.

Tuesday, the Clinton campaign received invitations for debates from WABC, WNBC and NY1 (on behalf of the various Time Warner news affiliates in Albany, Syracuse, and Rochester).  There have also been invitations from News 12, RNN, The League of Women Voters, NYPIRG Albany, and a host of other organizations and media outlets.

John Spencer isn’t afraid to debate.  He’ll debate numerous times in a variety of locations so as many voters as possible can make an educated decision on Election Day.

In 2000, when Senator Clinton ran the first time, she was merely the former First Lady. She had never run for office, in a primary or general election.  She had never held office yet she demanded the right to debate Rick Lazio numerous times.  Now, as an incumbent she is attempting to avoid them… That’s cynical and it’s wrong!

Let’s debate 5, 6, 7, or 8, times -- and try to do it in every region of the State.  Look at it this way; it will be great practice for those debates in Iowa and New Hampshire, when Mrs. Clinton is running for President.

I sincerely hope to hear from you or someone from the campaign before the end of business on Friday.  Once again my phone number is 914-909-2685.


Robert H. Ryan
Communications Director

P.S. -- I was glad to see that Senator Clinton finally joined with John Spencer in support of Pope Benedict.  I know it must have upset your clients in Dubai and Turkey, not to mention the politically correct crowd that Senator Clinton usually panders to.  If we come across issues like this in the future, we will be sure to issue a news release.

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Spencer for Senate today released a letter to Clinton campaign aide Howard Wolfson. The letter from Rob Ryan, Spencer’s Communications Director is a follow-up to a letter sent last week requesting a meeting to set-up debates. Copies of today’s letter were sent to the Clinton Campaign, the Democratic State Committee Office in Albany, the Lamont Campaign in Connecticut, and the Glover Park Group’s Washington Office in the hopes that one would reach the elusive Mr. Wolfson. The full text of the letter can be found below.

Dear Howard:

I wrote you last week hoping to set up a series of debates between Senator Clinton and John Spencer. To date, I have not heard a word from you or the Clinton campaign.

I understand how busy you are, so I’m sending this letter to a number of addresses. Hopefully it reaches you at one of them.

I know that Senator Clinton has “loaned” you to the Lamont campaign and their effort to defeat Senator Lieberman. I guess that’s because Senator Clinton supports his strong anti-war statements and believes that it’s a liability to have a colleague in the Senate who supports the global war on terror and believes that we must stand with Israel and support its basic right to exist.

I sent a copy to the Glover Park Group at their Washington address. I thought perhaps you were down there helping the government of Dubai purchase defense contractors or attain the rights to operate American ports. It must be hard to explain to a client that, while President Clinton might support such deals, his wife, Senator Clinton, must oppose them because she is intent on running for President and is comfortable taking the most expedient route to get there.

I sent a copy to the Democratic State Committee in Albany in the belief that perhaps you were up there with Denny Farrell, Shelly Silver and their tax and spend liberal colleagues who walk lock-step with Senator Clinton in their opposition to the Bush tax cuts.

And finally I am sending a copy to the Clinton campaign offices. Maybe you are there helping their press office draft another one of those cynical and silly news release that charge us with running a “negative campaign”. Come on Howard, you know, I know, and the majority of Americans know that Senator Clinton is a “left wing, anti defense, liberal” that isn’t a “negative” statement…..where I come from that is called a fact.

Why is Senator Clinton and her campaign afraid of debates? Is it because they might destroy your carefully cultivated image that she is a moderate and thus injure her chances of returning to the White House? Or could it be that the preparation would wreak havoc with the cross country jaunts that she goes on to raise money and lay the groundwork for her presidential campaign.

With the nation at war, the Middle East in turmoil, high energy prices and the threat of renewed terror attacks, New Yorkers want numerous debates so that both Senator Clinton and Mayor Spencer can explain where they stand on theses and other important issues.

Hopefully, one of these letters will reach you and you will be kind enough to call me to schedule the debates.


Robert H. Ryan

View Article  Dear Howard Letter -- "Let's Debate"



September 14, 2006 -- Spencer for Senate today released a letter to the Clinton campaign calling for “as many debates as possible” and requesting face to face meetings to schedule the debates.

The text of the letter, which is addressed to Clinton strategist Howard Wolfson and signed by Communications Director Rob Ryan, follows below:

Dear Howard:

I was happy to read that Senator Clinton has agreed to debate John Spencer.

Since Election Day is only 54 days away, I feel it is imperative that we meet right away so we can discuss where and when the debates will take place.

I am sure you and Senator Clinton agree that it will be the voters of New York that will benefit by having as many debates as possible between now and November 7th.  To date NY 1, “Meet the Press” and the League of Women Voters have all expressed interest in hosting debates and I am sure a number of other organizations and media outlets plan to do the same.

John Spencer firmly believes that debates of this nature are the basis of a healthy democratic process and he would be happy to rearrange his schedule to accommodate as many debates as possible in the weeks ahead.

Please call me at 914-909-2684, so that we can work together to make these debates a reality.


Robert H. Ryan

View Article  Spencer's Debate Challenges Ignored By Clinton



September 13, 2006 -- John Spencer, the Republican and Conservative nominee for U.S. Senate, today called for a series of debates with Senator Hillary Clinton.  Spencer, fresh from his victory in the GOP Primary, called for the debates at a noon news conference held at the Women’s National Republican Club in mid-town Manhattan.

Spencer, the former Mayor of Yonkers, said:

“In a day and age when our state and nation are faced with so many problems, I believe that it is imperative that Senator Clinton and I take part in numerous debates across New York.  We have a responsibility to the people of this state and this nation to meet in open debate.  The voters of New York deserve to see the contrast between the ideals and beliefs of myself and Senator Clinton.  I’m a common sense conservative who believes in lower taxes, less spending and a strong national defense.  Senator Clinton on the other hand is hard to pin down.  She tries to be on both sides of numerous issues as she pursues her quest to become President.   In this age of terror, New Yorkers need to know why she fought against the Patriot Act, NSA wiretaps, and stronger sanctions on Iran.  I’m ready to debate; any time, any place …the question is… will she?  I’ve instructed my campaign staff to schedule as many debates as possible and this morning we notified NBC News that we would accept an offer to debate on “Meet the Press”.

View Article  Spencer Rouses Reaction From Hillary Camp -- But No Debate

The magazine Human Events noted on its blog, Hillary Watch, that John Spencer has become a running topic of discussion within Senator Clinton's campaign.

"During her Democratic primary campaign against Jonathan Tasini, Hillary did not mention him by name once.  But here we are, immediately following Spencer’s ascension to the GOP nomination, and she can’t stop talking about Spencer."

John Spencer has continued to call for debates throughout New York State.

Still no firm reply from Clinton's camp.

Senator Clinton's staff promised to debate Spencer but has yet to commit.

View Article  Upstate Press Conferences: Calls For Debates In Buffalo and Rochester

U.S. Senate candidate John Spencer wasted no time after his 63-37 percent victory in the Republican primary to head upstate campaigning.

In Buffalo and again in Rochester, Spencer held press conferences -- challenging Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to debates in those two cities.

During his second press conference in Rochester, after campaign stops around Monroe County and the Finger Lakes region, Spencer proposed debates throughout Western New York.

"I’m asking the media and average citizens to call on Senator Clinton to debate in Rochester," repeated Spencer. "Senator Clinton has a lot to explain about her record: whether the issue is jobs or security, Senator Clinton has failed the people of the region."

Spencer emphasized that law enforcement and the intelligence community must be allowed to do their job to win the war on terror.

"In this age of Terror, much of New York is a prime target and yet, Senator Clinton opposed the Patriot Act and NSA wire-taps," said Spencer. "Senator Clinton doesn’t seem to realize the root cause of terror is terrorists and terrorists were hatching a plot in Lackawanna, New York, a little over an hour from where we stand right now."

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said Thursday that Clinton would be engaging in debates, although he wouldn't say how many of them there would be.

View Article  "Friends of Hillary" Clinton Campaign Resorts To Attacks

Clinton camp goes on attack against GOP challenger

AP Political Writer

September 14, 2006, 5:19 PM EDT

ALBANY, N.Y. -- After months of ignoring her Democratic primary opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign came out swinging Thursday against her newly minted Republican challenger.

Howard Wolfson, a top Clinton adviser, said it was clear from what former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer has already said that he is "determined to run a negative, personal campaign against Senator Clinton."

Wolfson's statement came in response to an appearance by Spencer on the all-news New York City cable channel NY1 on Wednesday night in which he said he only ran positive campaigns.

"If comparing Senator Clinton to Osama bin Laden is what John Spencer's `positive' campaign looks like, what do his negative campaigns consist of?" Wolfson said Thursday. "Given John Spencer's history, he probably doesn't consider a campaign negative until he threatens to murder his opponent."

That "murder" reference stems from an infamous video tape of Spencer jokingly suggesting, as he struggled with city budget issues, that perhaps Republican Gov. George Pataki and a federal judge should be killed.

On Tuesday, Clinton easily defeated anti-Iraq war activist Jonathan Tasini in her Democratic primary as Spencer bested Reagan-era Pentagon official Kathleen Troia "KT" McFarland in a GOP Senate primary. Clinton has virtually ignored Tasini during the months leading up to the primary and refused to debate him.

Among other things cited by Wolfson on Thursday that he said showed Spencer was prepared to run a negative campaign was a news release issued by the Republican in July that called Clinton a left-wing, anti-defense liberal."

"Senator Clinton is `a left-wing, anti-defense liberal,"' said Spencer spokesman Rob Ryan when asked about Wolfson's comments. "That's not being negative, it's simply a fact."

"John Spencer wants to have numerous debates so Senator Clinton can personally explain her opposition to the Patriot Act, NSA wiretapping and a host of other issues," Ryan added.

During the primary campaign, Spencer ran ads on cable television pairing Clinton with a photo of Osama bin Laden.

Clinton had termed that ad "outrageous,"

"He'll have to answer for it, but I think it's a terrible injustice," Clinton had said.

Wolfson said Clinton would be engaging in debates, although he wouldn't say Thursday how many of them there will be.

Clinton is far ahead of Spencer in fundraising and in the polls.

There had been speculation in both Republican and Democratic circles that Clinton, with an eye on a possible run for the 2008 Democratic nomination for president, preferred facing the conservative former mayor than running against McFarland. Spencer is a conservative who -- like McFarland, Clinton and many Democratic presidential primary voters -- opposes abortion and gay rights.

View Article  Spencer Challenges Clinton To Debate In Buffalo





"We need to have a debate right here in Erie County, so that the voters can see where she stands on these and other issues that affect Western New York"


Buffalo, New York -- At a noon news conference at the Erie County Republican Headquarters, John Spencer, the Republican and Conservative nominee for U.S. Senate called for Senator Hillary Clinton to debate him in Buffalo.

Spencer, who handily defeated K.T. McFarland in Tuesday’s GOP Primary, was on a swing through Western New York to thank supporters and to call for debates in major upstate cities. Spencer,

The former Mayor of Yonkers, New York’s fourth largest city, explained how his experience as mayor gives him insight into urban areas across New York.

“I’m in Buffalo today to thank my supporters and the Republican voters in Western New York for casting their vote for a common sense conservative in Tuesday’s primary," said Spencer. "I’m also here to ask the media and the average citizen to call on Senator Clinton to join me in a debate in Buffalo.

Spencer noted that Senator Clinton has a lot to explain about her record; whether the issue is jobs or security.

"Senator Clinton has failed the people of the region," detailed Spencer. "Six years ago Senator Clinton promised to create jobs for upstate New York. It was an empty promise because today, unemployment and lack of economic growth are still a problem. Senator Clinton doesn’t seem to realize that the way you create jobs is by cutting taxes, regulation and creating an environment where a business can grow and flourish."

Spencer warned that Western New York is a prime target and yet, in this age of Terror, Senator Clinton has opposed the Patriot Act and NSA wire-taps.

"She doesn’t seem to realize that the root cause of terror is terrorists and terrorists were hatching a plot right up the road in Lackawanna, New York," added Spencer. "Terrorists don’t play by the rules; they kill and maim innocent people. They must be stopped by any means possible. Law enforcement and the intelligence community must be allowed to do their job if we are to win the War on Terror."

After his visits throughout Buffalo and Erie County, Spencer headed to the city of Rochester for a second press conference and a campaigning in the Finger Lakes region.

View Article  Hillary Expands Campaign "Around The Country" For President

The following letter obviously has been written with every intention of representing Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as a national candidate for President in 2008.



Dear Friend,

Thank you for your support! Hillary's victory in New York's primary election was an important recognition of her hard work on behalf of the issues and values we care about.

All over New York yesterday, and in several states, Democrats came to the polls to make their choices for our party's nominees. Now we're going to continue to work to get out the vote, in New York and around the country, to help Democrats take back Congress -- as well as reelecting Hillary to the Senate!

There is so much more that all of us can do as we approach Election Day on November 7. We'll be sending you updates about what you can do in the next eight weeks to help us take our country back.

Meanwhile, thank you again for all that you do. Working together, we can make the difference.


Ann F. Lewis
Friends of Hillary



Friends of Hillary was to created to send Senator Clinton to the White House. 

Hillary's staff (including those assisting Ned Lamont against U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman) and finances have become conveniently co-mingled with her national presidential run -- all in preparation for 2008.

View Article  Wider Victory In GOP Primary: Spencer Wins 63-37

Fox News reported that Yonkers Mayor John Spencer defeated Reagan-era Pentagon official Kathleen Troia "KT" McFarland to win the Republican nomination in New York's U.S. Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As paper and absentee ballots were counted, news outlets confirmed that John Spencer's victory in New York's Republican U.S. Senate Primary was wider than initially reported.

Capital News 9 in Albany reported Spencer winning the GOP primary 63-37 percent.

Spencer was accompanied on the podium by fellow Republican and Conservative statewide candidates, gubernatorial nominee John Faso and State Comptroller candidate Christopher Callaghan.

New York GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik praised Spencer's efforts.

"John Spencer ran a grassroots campaign based on the issues that matter to New Yorkers. Spencer's platform of tax cuts, job growth, and keeping America safe is what New Yorkers deserve in a United States Senator," said Minarik.

Minarik said that Hillary Clinton has has failed New Yorkers.

"Whether it was her votes against tax cuts, failing to deliver on her promise to create 200,000 jobs, or voting against laws to strengthen homeland security. New Yorkers deserve a Senator who is focused on improving the lives of New Yorkers and not just interested in running for President," added Minarik.

The Syracuse Post-Standard also reported that the former Yonkers Mayor had also beaten his primary opponent by over 60 percent.

"Today the campaign begins, and New Yorkers will begin to see the difference," Spencer said Tuesday night. "The more they learn about her record, the more they'll see that I'm someone who will stand up to terrorism and support our military."

"She's trying to be all things to all people, but she can't hide from her record," Spencer said of Clinton. "Meanwhile, it's very clear where I stand."

Celebration In Yonkers

In addition to Christopher Callaghan, the Republican and Conservative nominee for State Comptroller and John Faso, the Republican and Conservative candidate for Governor, Spencer was accompanied by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, Westchester County Republican Chairwoman Rose Mario Panio and Rockland County Republican Chairman Vincent Reda.