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John Spencer, the Republican and Conservative nominee for U.S. Senate, today called for a series of debates with Senator Hillary Clinton.  Spencer, fresh from his victory in the GOP Primary, called for the debates at a noon news conference held at the Women’s National Republican Club in mid-town Manhattan.


Spencer, the former Mayor of Yonkers, said:

“In a day and age when our state and nation are faced with so many problems, I believe that it is imperative that Senator Clinton and I take part in numerous debates across New York," said Spencer. "We have a responsibility to the people of this state and this nation to meet in open debate." 

Spencer noted that the the voters of New York deserved to see the contrast between the ideals and beliefs of both himself and Senator Clinton.

"I’m a common sense conservative who believes in lower taxes, less spending and a strong national defense.  Senator Clinton on the other hand is hard to pin down," said Spencer. "She tries to be on both sides of numerous issues as she pursues her quest to become President."

Spencer also cautioned that, "in this age of terror," Clinton owed New Yorkers a forthcoming response on the serious issue of national security.

"New Yorkers need to know why she fought against the Patriot Act, NSA wiretaps, and stronger sanctions on Iran," stresssed Spencer.

Finally, Spencer repeated that he was prepared to debate Senator Clinton.

"I’m ready to debate; any time, any place …the question is… will she?  I’ve instructed my campaign staff to schedule as many debates as possible and this morning we notified NBC News that we would accept an offer to debate on “Meet the Press”.

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"Senator Hillary Clinton, you are in for the fight of your life"



Soon after his 61-39 percent win in New York's Republican U.S. Senate Primary, John Spencer was congratulated by National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Chair Elizabeth Dole.

Senator Dole issued the following statement on the New York Senate race now set between Mayor John Spencer and Senator Hillary Clinton:

"Mayor Spencer is an experienced and principled leader," said Senator Dole. "Mayor Spencer will hold Senator Clinton accountable as the Senator attempts to redefine herself as a moderate while her record and past rhetoric tell a very different story."

WCBS-TV in New York covered Spencer's victory speech, where the former Yonkers Mayor made it very clear that Senator Clinton would face a competitive contest.

"Senator Hillary Clinton, you are in for the fight of your life," said Spencer.

Spencer told The Associated Press that independents and moderate Democrats would be persuaded by his message.

"She's been weak on the war on terror, and bad for the economy of the state of New York," Spencer said. "She's a pro-tax, big government liberal, and I'm a common sense conservative."

Meanwhile, Clinton failed to meet expectations against her Democratic opponent Jonathan Tasini, an under-funded and ignored anti-war candidate who still managed to garner 17 percent in Tuesday's primary -- where some journalists and pollsters had openly predicted 90 percent or more.  She would finish with 83 percent.

And Clinton remained under 60 percent in most recent polls against Spencer (as low as 53.7 percent in mid-August) -- and has barely broken over 60 percent most of 2006.

"She literally has to get into the 60s or it will be a bitter victory," said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. "If she runs against a candidate who hasn't spent a lot of money and is just cashing it on anti-Hillary vote, then she's going to have some explaining to do."

Since Senator Clinton is only running for President in 2008, she already has a lot of explaining to do.

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Yonkers, New York -- John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, today released a new TV commercial that tout's his successes as Mayor of Yonkers, New York's fourth largest city.

The commercial can be found on The Spencer Blog at and Spencer for U.S. Senate at

The positive 30 second television focuses on Spencer's two-term career in historically Democratic Yonkers.

"As Mayor, I cut taxes.  I restored fiscal sanity.  I eliminated the State's Emergency Financial Control Board and I helped to end federal court-ordered oversight of a billion dollar desegregation case," said Spencer. "I understand the problems that affect urban areas across New York State.  As U.S. Senator, I will work with local and federal officials to bring about a new renaissance to urban areas across the Empire State."

Spencer was re-elected Mayor in a city where Democrats have an overwhelming 2-1 edge in voter registration.

"Clinton only talks about creating jobs.  I've done it," emphasized Spencer. "When one looks at Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton and Poughkeepsie -- you see the same stagnation that threatened my home city of Yonkers.  By cutting taxes and reducing the cost of doing business, my administration created thousands of new jobs and revitalized our Hudson River waterfront."

In contrast to Senator Clinton, John Spencer brought in over $600 million in new economic development to the city of Yonkers.

Following is the script for the 30 second television ad ("City In Crisis"):


Yonkers was a city in trouble.

Its finances taken over by the State.

Its schools run by the courts

Its people paid an income tax surcharge.

Then they elected John Spencer, Mayor.  New businesses grew.  The waterfront was developed.

He cut the surcharge by two-thirds.  Restored local control.  The courts backed his education reforms.

John created more jobs, and he lowered taxes.

I'm John Spencer and I approved this message because I'm running for U.S. Senate.  Not President.
The television spot was produced by ImageMakers/George Hudak with content and development by John McLaughlin and Associates and Nelson Warfield.
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The Spencer for U.S. Senate Victory Celebration will be held at Polonaise Catering in the Yonkers Polish Center.

Polls close at 9 pm today.

Please join us as primary totals come in.


Travel Directions

directional mapFrom MANHATTAN:
Major Deegan Expressway /New York State Thruway / Route 87 north to exit #2 (Yonkers Avenue). At second traffic light, turn left onto Yonkers Avenue west. Proceed straight into Nepperhan Avenue. Watch for St. Casimir's Church on your right, and, after traffic light, turn left onto Waverly Street, left into Polonaise Catering parking lot.

Major Deegan Expressway /New York State Thruway / Route 87 south to exit #4 (Cross County Parkway/Miles Square Road). Continue to second traffic light, turn right onto Yonkers Avenue west, and follow directions above.

George Washington Bridge to Major Deegan Expressway /New York State Thruway / Route 87 north, to Exit #2 in Yonkers, and follow directions above.

White Stone or Throgs Neck Bridge to Cross Bronx Expressway, to Major Deegan Expressway /New York State Thruway / Route 87 north, to Exit #2 in Yonkers, and follow directions above.


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John Spencer with State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno at the Sartoga Racetrack.




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Staten Island Borough President James P. Molinaro gave John Spencer's candidacy a significant boost when the State Conservative leader endorsed the Republican-Conservative U.S. Senate candidate in Tuesday's primary.

Spencer told The Staten Island Advance that he was honored to receive Molinaro's backing:

"It's quite an honor to be on Staten Island and accept such a prominent endorsement from the borough president."

Molinaro praised Spencer's experience, calling him the "true conservative" in the U.S Senate race, and explained why he was happy to endorse him.

"As the former Mayor of Yonkers, John Spencer has first hand knowledge of the problems that face cities across New YorkState. As a decorated combat veteran of Vietnam, John Spencer understands the sacrifices that young Americans are making everyday in the global War on Terror," expressed Molinaro. "As the father of five children, John Spencer will fight for a quality education for all our children and, as a businessman, John Spencer knows that the best way to “grow” the economy is by cutting taxes, reducing spending and relieving entrepreneurs from the burden of unnecessary government  regulations."

Spencer expressed the greatest respect for Molinaro's own experience in government and as a public servant.

"Jim Molinaro is a fighter, who comes to work everyday focused on one thing; doing the best job possible for the people of Staten Island," said Spencer. "He is a no-nonsense, common sense conservative, who understands that the best way to ensure that our city, our state, and our nation flourish, is by embracing the principles that Ronald Reagan championed."

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"...All signs point to a landslide nomination of the conservative candidate, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer."

John Gizzi, Political Editor of the conservative magazine Human Events forecasted a "Big Win" for John Spencer in Tuesday's Republican U.S. Senate Primay:

With four days to go before New York Republicans select a nominee against Sen. Hillary Clinton this fall, all signs point to a landslide nomination of the conservative candidate, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer.

The latest Marist Institute Poll shows Spencer, who carries the dual endorsement of the New York State Conservative Party, leading moderate hopeful KT McFarland by a margin of 38% to 16% among likely GOP voters September 12. In addition, Spencer campaign manager Rob Ryan told me yesterday that “We have radio and TV up statewide for John and our buyer can find no signs of any buys for K.T.” Last month, McFarland campaign consultant Ed Rollins said that his candidate, who worked in the Pentagon during the Reagan Administration, had raised more than $1 million.

Not since 1974, when Conservatives nominated Barbara Keating for the Senate to oppose liberal Republican incumbent Jacob Javits, has a Republican won the Senate seat in the Empire State without the ballot line of the 44-year-old Conservative Party.

Spencer also got a back-handed endorsement from the last Republican senator from New York, Alphonse D’Amato. Appearing on the popular “Wise Guys” political discussion program “Wise Guys” on New York’s Channel One (in which he regularly banters with former Democratic Mayor Ed Koch of New York, D’Amato said any Republican who votes for McFarland in the Tuesday primary “should be ashamed.” He did not elaborate.

Former U.S. Senator Al D'Amato has also predicted on NY1 that John Spencer would "lead the ticket" on Election Day among Republicans.

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John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U. S. Senate, issued the following statement on President George W. Bush’s speech:

“When it comes to the War on Terror, President Bush is right.  Senator Clinton should put aside her personal political agenda and support tougher sanctions against Iran and a “Patriot Act” that allows intelligence agencies to do their jobs.  Senator Clinton needs to stop sitting on the fence and start supporting President Bush in the War on Terror.”

For more information on John Spencer, please visit

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Spencer for Senate announced today that a 30 second TV commercial was being launched statewide as part of their appeal to voters in the September 12th Republican Primary. The commercial, a “bio spot”, highlights the life of Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for the U. S. Senate.

Rob Ryan, Spencer for Senate spokesperson, said; “John Spencer is the conservative Republican who has a record of cutting taxes and fighting for Republican principles.  That’s what this spot is all about. From volunteering for combat in the jungles of Vietnam, to serving as Mayor of New York’s fourth largest city (Yonkers) John Spencer has the leadership qualities and  record of achievement needed to make a great Senator. John Spencer is the true Reagan Republican in the primary and this ad will underline that point to Republican voters.”

The commercial is an integral part of a media campaign of television, radio spots, and direct mail that will aimed at Republican voters between now and the September 12th primary.

The spot, produced by Imagemakers, with concept and copy by Nelson Warfield and John Mclaughlin, has previously aired in New York City and its suburbs. To view the “bio spot” and other Spencer for Senate commercials please visit:  “click” news, then “click” media.

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Spencer for Senate today released an open letter that John Spencer, the Republican- Conservative candidate for US Senate, sent to Senator Hillary Clinton.

The letter called on Senator Clinton to support tougher sanctions on Iran and to use her influence to persuade former President Jimmy Carter to cancel his meeting with Mohammad Khatami, the former President of Iran.

The full text of the letter can be found below:

Dear Senator Clinton:

Last year, when your campaign collected thousands of dollars from the Iranian-American Political Action Committee, you advocated relaxing visa controls that provided for security checks on Iranian visitors.

This week, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has received a visa so that he may travel in the United States on what amounts to a public relations blitz for a rogue regime of Islamic Fascists. In the course of his travels he plans to visit with former President Jimmy Carter to discuss Iran’s nuclear program and to attend a conference promoting inter-faith dialogue.

Keep in mind that this is the same man who, in 2001, called Israel “a parasite in the heart of the Muslim world’ and in the year 2000 called Israel an “illegal state”. As I’m sure you recall, during Mr. Khatami’s term as president, 13 members of the Jewish community in Iran were arrested on trumped-up charges of espionage and became part of a “show trial” that was reminiscent of events in Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union.

On March 4th of this year, during a speech given in Tehran, Mr. Khatami blamed the West for casting Islam as the “enemy of humanity” and went on to say the West “needs an enemy and this time it is Islam, and Islamophobia becomes a part of all policies of the great powers, of hegemonic powers.”

Am I mistaken, or wasn’t it Islamic Fascists who declared war on America on 9/11?

Your colleague, Senator Rick Santorum, was correct when he said “Mohammed Khatami is one of the chief propagandists of the Islamic Fascist regime.”

On Tuesday of this week Stuart Levey, Under-Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism, called Iran “the central banker of terror.”

Senator Clinton, the purpose of this letter is two-fold. First, as a leader of the Democratic Party and an all but announced candidate for President, please call upon President Carter to cancel his meeting with Mr. Khatami. This man is not a “moderate” nor is he an emissary of peace. It serves no purpose except to offer this despicable anti-Semite an opportunity further perpetrate his con game on the American people. A little over a quarter of a century ago, this same crowd ran rough-shod over President Carter and our nation….If you ask me, they want to do it again!

Secondly, I implore you, for the good of the nation and for the sake of innocent people through-out the Middle East, including the citizens of Israel, to please reverse your stance and support President Bush’s call to place tougher sanctions on Iran. It is the right thing to do for America, and it is the right thing to do for world peace.


John D. Spencer


View Article  Clinton Rhetoric At Odds With Reality
"I believe this is the greatest enemy we will ever face. This is the enemy of our generation. It is the challenge of our time. And yet, we tend to play politics with it here in America -- sadly."
No one plays politics more than U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
"We cannot have a nuclear Iran -- we cannot," Santorum said. "There is no option here. A nuclear Iran changes the world forever. The life you lead today is not the life you'll lead a day after Iran gets a nuclear bomb."

He called for tough sanctions, stopping short of threatening a military strike.

Meanwhile, Senator Clinton talks a tough game attacking Iran in the Congressional Record but these are empty resolutions.
The religious and political leaders in Iran don't give a hoot what our U.S. Senators say, especially when Hillary Clinton's actions don't match her rhetoric.
Clinton has laid out the welcome matt to our enemies and is fast becoming the Neville Chamberlain of the War on Terror.  She is playing politics with our national security.
"Resolved, That the Senate (1) thoroughly repudiates the anti-Israel sentiments expressed by the President of Iran , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on October 26, 2005; and (2) calls on the President, on behalf of the United States, to thoroughly repudiate, in the strongest terms possible, the statement by Mr. Ahmadinejad."
"Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), that Congress (1) condemns the many failures of the Government of Iran to comply faithfully with its nuclear nonproliferation obligations, including its obligations under the Safeguards Agreement (as reported by the Director General of the IAEA to the IAEA Board of Governors since 2003), its suspension commitments under the Paris Agreement, and prior commitments to the EU-3 to suspend all enrichment- and reprocessing-related activities."
It all sounds good -- but when it came time to back up her rhetoric with real action, Senator Clinton wimped out.
Clinton voted against tougher sanctions on Iran by opposing denial of access to American capital markets for foreign companies that invest in the Iranian oil industry which finances the Iranian's nuclear weapons program (Roll Call 172, 6/15/06).
Iran will use nuclear weapons when they get them.
Yet, Senator Clinton seems to rule out a preemptive attack to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons before they can be unleashed.
Appealing to the anti-defense left at a Louisville fundraiser, Senator Clinton said, "That means repudiating torture, which undermines America's values.  And that means rejecting the Administrations doctrine of preemptive war" (12/1/05).
Enforcing her liberal ideological purity, Senator Clinton voted four times to deprive our military of Bunker Buster bombs that could be used to destroy Iran’s nuclear sites in a worst case scenario ( Roll Call 189, 5/21/03, Roll Call 349, 9/16/03, Roll Call 113, 6/15/04, Roll Call 171, 7/1/05).

Republican and Conservative designee for U.S. Senate in New York, John Spencer, warned that Senator Clinton weakens U.S. national security:
"If the Iranians smell a phony, Ahmadinejad will use nuclear weapons.  No amount of tough talk without action is going to stop him. He can clearly see Senator Clinton doesn't have the backbone to keep us safe as a Senator, much less Commander in Chief."

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U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, so far, won't debate us -- or answer our debate challenge.
She is not debating her primary opponent either.
That's Jonathan Tasini, to the right and below.

With two weeks left until the primary, Clinton's campaign has stonewalled all questions about debating rival Jonathan Tasini with the mantra: "We'll see how the campaign develops."

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson repeated it yesterday when asked about the league's looming deadline.

Tasini, who wants troops withdrawn from Iraq immediately, appeared yesterday with two mothers of soldiers in Iraq who called on Clinton to debate. "Her refusal is disrespectful not only to New York voters but to the democratic process," Tasini said.

Hillary doesn't do debates.
Senator Clinton is afraid to debate.
She's the unaccountable U.S. Senator, worried about how she will explain how she is on two sides of every issue.
She's sandwiched between John Tasini on the left and John Spencer on the right -- and she's getting nervous.
Will the real Senator Clinton please stand up?
Is she the liberal-loving, Move-On hugging, Patriot Act-pounding, Bush-bashing, sanction-sabotaging, Lieberman sand-bagging idol of the looney left -- or a mushy mouth moderate with Presidential aspirations planning her victory lap through the cornfields of Iowa and the mountains of New Hampshire?
She will say anything to get elected.
This is certainly not a U.S. Senator for New York.
Hillary Clinton's only concerned with reaching the White House in 2008.
... But will she debate?
View Article  Backing Lamont: Clinton Is "Outrageous"
While Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton does everything to ignore her Democratic primary opponent, Jonathan Tasini, she has sent her political hired spinmaster, Howard Wolfson, to assist anti-war candidate Ned Lamont against fellow U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman.
"Lamont won his nomination based on a single issue - full-throated opposition to the war in Iraq (and, by reasonable extension, the War on Terror itself) - and fueled by activist Web sites.
In contrast - until now - Clinton walked a very fine line on the central policy issue of the moment: She voted for the war and - despite some rhetorical wriggling here and there - has generally stood by her vote.
Until now.

For there can be no denying what she did in overtly embracing the Lamont campaign.

The nation is at war. And Hillary Clinton is giving aid and comfort to the anti-warriors."

The bible of the left, The Nation, reminded its readers about Ned Lamont's background and priorities.

"Ned's great-uncle Corliss was a leading figure in the American Civil Liberties Union and a founder of the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee who successfully sued the Central Intelligence Agency in a groundbreaking challenge to domestic spying--and who would no doubt be proud of the Senate candidate's support of Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold's proposal to censure Bush for authorizing warrantless wiretaps."

According to the left-wing anti-war blog, The Democratic Underground, Feingold, the single most firm opponent of NSA wiretapping, claimed U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman "doesn't get it" when it comes to protecting Americans and taking the fight right to the source of terrorism.

It's Russ Feingold who doesn't get it.

Hillary Clinton doesn't get it either.

According to The Nation (a good source for your marching orders, if you're a liberal), Senator Clinton joined Feingold in weakening the Patriot Act -- and our war on terrorism -- on December 16, 2005.

Feingold was described as leading the effort that "successfully blocked the administration's concerted effort to renew the Patriot Act" and NSA wiretapping was described as one of "its most abusive components."

The Nation boasted:

"Feingold now heads a coalition that should be able to force significant changes in the Patriot Act before the December 31 deadline for its renewal."

That's precisely the point made about Hillary Clinton's vote on 12/16/05 that was described in two of John Spencer's television commercials.

That's the night Senator Harry Reid declared with other Democrats that they had "killed the Patriot Act" -- and even the RNC joined us on highlighting that vote.

Those are the commercials that she labeled as "outrageous" -- when, in fact, the only outrageous thing is her refusal to accept accountability for her actions against the war on terror.

Senator Feingold's statement against NSA wiretapping on February 7, 2006 mirrors Senator Clinton's own political statements on December 16, 2005.




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View Article  Spencer Enjoys Some Sausage At The New York State Fair

U.S. Senate candidate John Spencer enjoyed at least two lucky sausage wedges at the New York State Fair in Syracuse (as far as we know from published reports).

The New York Times noted that when it came to the State Fair, "the G.O.P. Came, Saw and Gorged."

New York State Governor George E. Pataki took much of the statewide Republican ticket to his lucky sausage stand, Paisano’s, where they all gorged for the cameras.




Spencer is pictured here in front of Paisano's with J. Christopher Callaghan, fellow Republican and Conservative candidate for New York State Comptroller.


As The Times reported last week, both Spencer and Callaghan were determined to learn from history and feast on the lucky sausages.

"I had two," Spencer explained.


Callaghan kept his sense of humor, sharing with The Times that he understood "the importance of party loyalty, political expediency and the need to be a good soldier."

“I asked for a corned beef sandwich,” he said after lunch. “They told me no. I had to have sausage. I did what I was told.”













View Article  Spencer Pledges To Address New York's Economic Woes

In an Elmira Star-Gazette story this weekend, John Spencer pledged to address the state's economic woes as U.S. Senator.

"Government has to be re-engineered to make it more condusive to attract major corporations and jobs and making sure we set up opportunities within the Southern Tier," he said, noting he will rely on his record as a conservative Republican.

"I cut taxes and created jobs. People said it couldn't be done, but it can be done."

Spencer contrasted his record as mayor of Yonkers with Senator Clinton.

“She's a pro-tax liberal senator that has not delivered in the area of jobs and economic opportunity because she's too busy criticizing others in Washington,” he said.


“I think that hurt New York severely.”

Spencer told the Elmira Star-Gazette that he understands local government because he ran a local government for eight years.

As senator, Spencer said he would meet with local and state officials to see what could be done to promote economic development and job growth in the Southern Tier and bring industry back into New York.

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View Article  Fulltime for Hillary; Part-time for New York
"On top of 32 full-time employees and 10 Senate staffers partially assigned to it, Clinton's "political operation" now includes 13 political consultants. That seems like quite a bit of input for someone the article describes as "genuinely undecided" about running for president. ... But it is very much in keeping with the political profile that has emerged since Hillary transformed herself from First Lady to Presumptive Presidential Frontrunner. And that profile is unmistakably of a politician more comfortable following than leading."
That seems like quite a bit of taxpayer-paid staff spending time on Clinton's White House aspirations -- and not enough time on New York State.
The National Journal's blog, The Hotline also noted Huffington's observations and Morra Aaron's blog on the website Blog Her picked up on Senator Clinton preoccupations:
"In Washington, few question how many consultants it takes to devolve an operation into leadership by committee."
Few question those working fulltime for Hillary -- who are only working part-time for New York.
This proves our point.  Hillary is running for President.
John Spencer is running for U.S. Senate.
View Article  Hillary's Pro-War Posture: Another Party Trick

These letters appeared in today's The New York Post, in response to a column by Ryan Sager:

Ryan Sager wonders why the anti-war left doesn't take on Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton the way they did Sen. Joe Lieberman for taking a similar pro-war stance ("NY's Lamont Wannabe," Post Opinion, Aug. 21).

Could it be they know that, whereas Lieberman was genuine in his convictions, Clinton is just playing politics as usual with her pro-war posture?

Dave Becher
East Northport

A large portion of her party has never wanted to hold Clinton accountable for anything, so why should anyone be surprised that she hasn't been targeted like Lieberman?

Her husband won two presidential elections, and that is why both Clintons are so revered by Democrats.

It will only be when Democrats come to believe that she can't win that they will back away from her.

Until then, her arrogance, questionable ethics, memory lapses and constant triangulating will not get in her way.

Gary Mottola

Clinton is committed to one thing: her own advancement.

Everyone needs to save Sager's article. Then, if Sen. Clinton wins the White Houe in 2008, see where this country is by 2010.

I predict health care will be socialized, taxes will be increased, appeasement will be the method of choice with the terrorists, troops will immediately be withdrawn from Iraq, and Bill Clinton will replace Kofi Annan at the United Nations, whose power will increase ten-fold.

Anyone who believes that this woman is a moderate Democrat is a fool.

Marilyn Austin
Woodstock, Ga.


Sager's column asked, "WILL NETROOTS TAKE ON HILLARY?"

And Senator Clinton's Democratic primary opponent, Jonathan Tassini, shared with Sager his own theories on why the progressive netroots community might have "a lack of bacbone" when it comes to taking her on as aggressively as they confronted U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman in Connecticut's Democratic primary.

"Many progressives fear confronting my opponent's machine - which does take names and does keep lists," Tasini told me over lunch in the West Village last week. "People are hedging their bets - Washington is a place that hinges on access." Otherwise, Tasini said, "Why take on Joe Lieberman and not Hillary Clinton?"

The New York Post columnist  also noted that many in the progressive netroots movement have made clear their disdain for Sen. Clinton.:

In an op-ed in The Washington Post this May, Markos Moulitsas (proprietor of the famed DailyKos Web site), called Clinton "a leader who fails to lead" and "part of the Clinton machine that decimated the national Democratic Party."

Michael Moore was even more brutal in an open letter on his Web site the day after Lamont's victory in the Connecticut Democratic primary. "To Hillary, our first best hope for a woman to become president, I cannot for the life of me figure out why you continue to support Bush and his war," Moore wrote. "Last night's voter revolt took place just a few miles from your home in Chappaqua. Did you hear the noise? Can you read the writing on the wall?"

Ryan Sager of The New York Post further observed:

"In Tasini, progressives have a perfectly viable vehicle to make that noise right on Sen. Clinton's Chappaqua doorstep."

But for a clarification on where Senator Clinton really stands on national security, please take a close look at John Spencer's new television commercials.

View Article  Spencer Campaign Releases Hard Hitting Spot

You can also view our last television commercial at Spencer for U.S. Senate (